Grieving: The Pain and the Promise

by Deanna Edwards

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Since Grieving was first published, it has brought comfort and inspiration

to many thousands of individuals and families who have suffered the loss

of loved ones or experienced grief as a result of illness, physical disability,

divorce, or unfulfilled dreams. Now, in her revised and updated version,

Deanna continues to bless the lives of her readers with insights, experiences,

and poetry that touch the heart and lift the burdens of a weary soul. She

also teaches valuable lessons about the process of grief, how to help

others who are grieving, and how we can learn from our grief to become

more responsible, compassionate, and loving human beings.

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Deanna Edwards

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Words of Life
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I have been suffering a longtime from a condition of incurable and largely untreatable chronic pain...Finding this book on grief has been invaluable...for it is grief that I feel. Grief at the loss of freedom and hope, persistent feelings of helplessness, and grief at the loss of trust in the belief in a loving and capable God.

I have found great solace and direction in this book. I want to LIVE, not have this condition dominate me. Already I've found startling insights, profound truths, a way forward, and have felt a renewed desire to look forward, not down. Although most examples are about death of loved one, I have found it deeply meaningful for my struggles. It brings up a lot of emotion, but its the good kind of pain - the kind that has sunlight on the other side, rather than perpetuating darkness. If you suffer intractable chronic pain, this book may help you as it has me.

Reading this book taught me not only how to grieve from my own loss, but also how to comfort others that are grieving
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book was full of one liners that comforted and taught me about grief and pain. As members of the church, we covenant to "mourn with those that mourn" and I have learned that many need to learn more about this very sensitive subject and read more books like this one! My husband was killed in a tragic accident just a few months ago and I have never felt such great pain in my life. The author was wise in selecting her words, Words that are useful for others to use to help comforting those mourning the loss of a loved one. The songs and poems were of great comfort to me as well. From pg. 216, the great insight used, by sharing a story about faith, was exactly what I needed to comfort and strengthen me through my time of grief so that I wouldn't give up on the world and its goodness.

Great book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I lost my husband and it helps to have guides to get you through the grieving process

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