Grit - The True Story of Steve Young

by Cedar Fort

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grit /grit/

1. small particles of dirt or sand.
2. firmness of character; indomitable spirit.

Steve Young will always be known as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. His records, countless MVP awards, and Super Bowl trophy attest to it. What people don’t know is that Steve Young attributes most of his success to the man who really taught him to be great—his father, LeGrande “Grit” Young.

This inspirational video of Steve Young shows how Grit helped shape him into being the player, athlete, and man he is today. It first aired on KSL TV.

• Learn how Steve failed at little league baseball.
• Discover how Steve, as eighth-string quarterback, wanted to quit and come home from BYU.
• See footage from Steve Young’s greatest highlights.

Perfect for: Motivational meetings, inspirational lessons, and classroom settings.

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Cedar Fort

Cedar Fort began in 1986 with Lyle Mortimer and Lee Nelson working together to release the book Beyond the Veil, Volume 1. Since then, Cedar Fort has grown and currently produces uplifting fiction and non-fiction books that are known across the globe. We have a solid catalog of LDS fiction and non-fiction, general release titles, including cookbooks, clean romance, and young adult adventures, and an LDS-oriented product line.

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