The Hainan Incident

by DM Coffman

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Product Description

Before beginning his first undercover assignment, American attorney Yi Jichun travels to Hainan Island on the South China Sea for some much-needed respite—but finds trouble instead. Already uneasy about his charge to expose corruption in China’s court system, Yi stumbles upon a hidden computer network in an ancient island village and finds himself drawn into an investigation that tears him between his religious principles and the lie he must live.

Aided by Sarah, an esteemed fellow judge, and Meijuan, a village leader exiled by her powerful and corrupt son, Yi uncovers the Hainan Net—an international organization that targets global shipping channels in its quest for world power. But Yi loses ground when Sarah discovers his true identity as a foreign spy—and as the American military organizes a stealth assault in full cooperation with China’s government, Yi must reconcile the laws governing the land with the laws governing his honor.

About the Author

DM Coffman

DM Coffman lived in the People’s Republic of China from 2000–2004. She and her husband taught with the Brigham Young University China Teachers Program and the US-sponsored WTO China Judicial Training Program. She is the author of A Peking University Coursebook on English Exposition Writing, published by Peking University Press, and has served as an editor and foreign consultant for English educational texts. Prior to China, the Coffmans lived in Northern Virginia and worked in the legal profession in Washington DC. She has a M.Ed. from Brigham Young University and a BBA from National University. DM is the winner of awards for short writings, and The Hainan Incident is her first novel.

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