The Happiest Mommy Ever

by Alice Furniss, Julie Olson

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An ideal gift book for children to give their mothers on Mother’s Day!

In this delightful children’s picture book, a young boy asks while making cookies with his mother, “Mommy, what is the happiest you’ve ever been?” His mother reflects on her life and responds, “Well, once when I was just about your age, I was in a dance recital . . . when I was done, the audience clapped and cheered for me. I was so happy.” The boy persists and asks, “But Mommy, is that the happiest you’ve ever been?” Upon which the mother tells the boy other stories of joyful moments in her life: winning the big volleyball game; graduating from college; getting married in the temple; and having a new baby. After each story, the boy asks, “But Mommy, is that the happiest you’ve ever been?” Finally, the mother says, “A few years later, that little baby grew. . . . He was a big boy now— a big boy that I love to make cookies with and tell stories to. I am so happy.” One more time the boy asks his question and the mother responds, “Yes, THIS is the happiest I’ve ever been.” An ideal gift for every mother who loves to spend time with her children.

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Alice Furniss

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Julie Olson

Julie Olson was born in the East, grew up in the Midwest, and now lives in the West. She developed a deep love for all parts of America as she lived in and traveled through various places. Since graduating with a BFA degree in illustration from Brigham Young University, she strives through her work to uplift and encourage others to be better. You can learn more about Julie and her other creations by visiting

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Our family's new favorite!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

"The Happiest Mommy Ever" is a charming story of a mother who is asked by her son when she was the happiest ever. The Mommy tells her son stories from her past- his birth, her wedding, etc.-- but he wants to know when she was most happy...
My children loved this story, and it perfectly captures the way I feel about being a mother. This has become a family classic at our house, and I am sure it will be for yours too! I highly recommend this book.

a delightful book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A delightful book, beautifully illustrated about how we cherish our childhood memories, but we cherish our time with our children even more.

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