Hard Questions, Prophetic Answers

by Daniel K. Judd

Hard Questions, Prophetic Answers

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Author Daniel K. Judd writes: 'The issues I have selected for inclusion in this book are representative of the difficult questions I have grappled with over the last several years in my work as a professor, a therapist, a bishop, a stake president, and a father.' Those 'hard questions' included: Is divorce the answer to a faltering marriage? Is anger a sin? What justifies an individual or nation to engage in armed conflict? How can I best understand those who are sexually attracted to the same sex? The author shows that the most meaningful answers to all our questions lie in the counsel of prophets and the miracles of the Atonement.

Published: April 2004
Pages: 224

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eBookSKU: 5092208

About the Author

Daniel K. Judd

Daniel K. Judd, a professor in the department of Ancient Scripture in Brigham Young University, holds a master's degree in family science and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from BYU. After teaching in both seminary and institute, he taught in the Family Science department at BYU-Idaho. In 1993 he joined the faculty of BYU, where he has since served as chair of Ancient Scripture. Brother Judd has served in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a bishop, stake president, and first counselor in the general presidency of the Sunday School. He is also a member of the board of trustees of LDS Family Services. He has recently been called to serve as president of the Ghana Accra Mission, where he will serve with his wife, Kaye. They are the parents of four children.

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