Harold B. Lee: Prophet and Seer

by Brent L. Goates

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Harold B. Lee was the eleventh President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This book tells the story of "the long odyssey," his life from its obscure beginning in Clifton, Idaho, all the way to the position of the Lord's mouthpiece on earth.

The story shows a straight progression with plenty of roadblocks but no detours:

  • a spiritually protected childhood
  • an early maturity beyond his years
  • a dedicated, outstanding full-time mission
  • a stake president's calling at age thirty-one, encompassing a vigorous, innovative approach to welfare needs from which the entire Church would ultimately profit
  • a promising political career set aside to accept a call from the Church
  • thirty years as an Apostle, leading to the months as a counselor in the First Presidency and then to the brief but crowning experience as prophet and Church President.
Along the way he endured with grace and quiet courage such tests and trials as his own health problems and the surpassing grief of the death of both wife and daughter in three short years.

By the generous use of his journal entries the book shares President Lee's thoughts and feelings as his career is spread upon its pages. The reader comes to recognize that much of what we now take for granted in Church organization, administration, and instruction springs form the inspired creativity and energetic implementation of this remarkable man. In such achievements, and particularly in the rich spiritual dimensions he developed that attuned him to the Sprit, there are seen unmistakable evidences of the divine appointment of Harold B. Lee, Prophet and Seer.

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