Hasbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness

by Frank L. Cole


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I let out a sigh and handed the blueprints back to Snow Cone. “So he gets a new tree house. Good for him. I don’t care.”

“You should care,” Snow Cone said. “It’s going to be the coolest tree house ever.”

“Thanks, Snow, you’re a real pal.”

Six months ago, no one would’ve cared about Hi Mashimoto building a new tree house. Now, everyone was buzzing. I had gone through too much, building my club into the most talked about establishment in school history, to allow some wannabe to come in and destroy everything. Hi Mashimoto was definitely a threat.

Hashbrown’s back! And this time he’s jumped from the fire into the frying pan — a panful of hashbrowns, that is.

When Hi Mashimoto starts a rival treehouse club, Hashbrown is so jealous he can hardly shoot his marbles straight. But he’ll have to keep cool because there’s an even bigger problem threatening Pordunce, and it’s up to Hashbrown to uncover the plot, rescue his school, and maybe even learn a few things about friendship in the process.

This laugh-out-loud follow-up to The Adventures of Hashbrown Winters reunites all your favorite zany characters and introduces plenty of new ones. With unexpected twists and an ending you’ll have to read to believe, Hashbrown Winters and the Mashimoto Madness is a perfectly hilarious read for pranksters of all ages.

About the Author

Frank L. Cole

Frank L. Cole lives with his wife and three children out West. He is the author of ten books. He is an active promoter of reading and the power of imagination and has been to more than 120 schools presenting to kids.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I LOVE that this book starts out with a hint of one storyline and then moves on to the main storyline and then SMACK you are given hints to the first storyline and you think "what is happening?" And then you remember..."Oh, yeah." And then it fits all together...oh...so...GOOD!"
This series is AMAZING! They are most definitely on my list of BEST MIDDLE READER FICTION. Right up there with Fablehaven, Far World and Janitors!

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