As I Have Loved You

by Kitty de Ruyter Bon

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Like Anne Frank, Corrie ten Boom, and Viktor Frankl, Kitty de Ruyter Bon endured the terror of man’s inhumanity to man during World War II. In this inspiring and powerful true story, Kitty testifies of the triumph of the human spirit.

As both of Kitty de Ruyter’s parents were devout Christians, her day started with a hymn and a scripture from the Bible. Kitty was only eight years old when her island paradise of Java, Indonesia, was invaded by Japanese soldiers during WWII.

Members of Kitty’s family were taken to different prison camps. Kitty describes how her mother acted with courage in the face of hardship—even torture. Forbidden to pray at the camp, she nevertheless prayed and taught her children all she remembered of the scriptures. She courageously defied the Japanese officials and bravely took upon herself the consequences.

These and countless other incidents, beautifully portrayed, prove that the grace of Christ gives one power in the presence of hatred, evil, pain, and suffering.

About the Author

Kitty de Ruyter Bon

Kitty de Ruyter Bon grew up in a protestant home and went from an idyllic childhood life on an island paradise to a concentration camp.

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So Much Strength
By , Submitted on 2015-09-16

I have read this book twice to my children. It is a powerful true story of a mother during war time and her strength to protect her children and live the gospel. I was most impacted by her courage and sacrifice to save the virtue of young women in her concentration camp, and her ability to forgive her captors. Her story takes place on the Pacific side of WW2, a side we do not hear much about.

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