Hazzardous Universe

by Julie Wright, Kevin Wasden

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Product Description

A guy who works in his grandfather's magic shop expects weird things to happen. But Hap Hazzard has never had a day like this. First, a freaky old man in a cape who calls himself,Torval, visits the shop and somehow makes a trash can explode. Then Torval delivers an ominous message to Hap's grandfather, upsetting the old man so badly that he yells at Hap for the first time ever. Next, this girl Tara shows up to apply for a job, and for reasons Hap can't understand, his cool magic tricks send her away in tears. But that's nothing compared to what happens next. Under orders to apologize to Tara, Hap searches for the girl. But he can barely say he's sorry before three spaceships appear, the biggest of the three looking like a burnt slice of pizza. The weirdness only ramps up as Hap and Tara soon find themselves aboard the pizza-shaped ship piloted by a pair of aliens. Even though they were accidentally abducted, the two humans are now forced to join an out-of-this-world mission that includes razor-toothed multilingual beetles, a psychic queen bee, manic ape frogs, a coveted crystal, and a hundred other bizarre things that just might make sense, if Hap could only remember and understand Torval's cryptic message. Join Hap and Tara as they begin a fantastic journey into the far reaches of the universe.

"Aliens, mobsters, magic, action, and humor - everything a reader could want!"
- Jessica Day George, author of Princess of Glass and the Dragon Slippers series

"Hazzardous Universe is the perfect book - a fun mix of humor, compelling plot, and action. I really loved it!"
- James Dashner, New York Times-bestselling author of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials

  1. Mysterious Magician
  2. Abduction
  3. Not-So-Human Beings
  4. Catastrophe
  5. Scourabs
  6. Ice
  7. Spiral Drop
  8. Twin-Soul
  9. Room Servcie
  10. One Small Step for Hap
  11. Neubins
  12. Mind Control
  13. Stonehenge
  14. The Scientist
  15. Last Meal
  16. Books and Crystals
  17. A Change In Loyalty
  18. Out of the Frying Pan
  19. Into the Fire
  20. Mob Bosses and Volcano Hideouts
  21. Dealing With the Intergalactic Mafia

  22. Ghosts and Phone Calls
  23. Magic Show
  24. Principles of Friendship
  25. Rescue Plans
  26. Gygak's Moment of Glory
  27. Hunting Packs
  28. Books, Magicians. and Decisions
  29. The Truth About Aliens

Unabridged Audiobook

About the Authors

Julie Wright

Julie Wright started her first book when she was fifteen and was surprised to get it published. She's written over a dozen books since then, is a Whitney Awards winner for her novel Cross My Heart, and she feels she's finally getting the hang of this writing gig.

She enjoys speaking to writing groups, youth groups, and schools.

She loves reading, eating, writing, hiking, playing on the beach with her kids, and snuggling with her husband to watch movies. Julie's favorite thing to do is watch her husband make dinner. She hates mayonnaise but has a healthy respect for ice cream.

Visit her at her website: www.juliewright.com.

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Kevin Wasden

Kevin Wasden has an overactive imagination, is unable to sit still through meetings without drawing, and tends to be silly at the most inopportune moments.

He is an advocate of art and creativity in education and enjoys speaking to youth, writers, artists, and educators. He studied illustration at Utah State University and has studied figure drawing and painting from the exceptional figure artist Andy Reiss, in New York City. He is creator of the independent comic Technosaurs.

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Tons of fun!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

A high-action, fast-paced sci-fi story for middle-grade kids. Illustrations for every chapter make this an even bigger treat. Entertaining all the way around.

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