He Delivered Even Me, He Will Deliver Even You

by Misti Stevenson

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Growing up, Misti thought she had a pretty normal childhood. Right up until the sixth grade. That's when she began to notice things. Like how she was constantly aware of every blink of her eyes. How any normal physical thing could become an enemy that her brain would replay over and over again. She tried talking to her parents about it, but family dysfunction and parental control issues wouldn't let them see her problem for what it was. So she did everything she could to hide it. It would take her many more years to attach a name to her tortuous condition — Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

But after many more years of struggling, praying, and counseling, Misti experienced the miracle she had been seeking — she was healed.

So she's done hiding. This is her story of suffering through — and eventually being healed of — OCD, anxiety, and depression through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This is her story of how the Lord turned her deepest struggles into her greatest blessings.

"Misti's journey through the darkness and into the light is engrossing, filled with candid details of her pain, until her ultimate triumph over this awful affliction through her faith in Christ. Whether or not the reader suffers from OCD, Misti's heartfelt story will uplift and inspire to seek the Savior's grace in overcoming any personal trials." — Jennifer Griffith, author of Big in Japan

About the Author

Misti Stevenson

Misti Stevenson now enjoys her busy and joy-filled life in Kaysville with her husband, Jed, and five busy children. When not helping her kids with homework, tackling a mountain of laundry, or serving at church, she loves to do yoga, go jogging with her friends, and especially loves hiking in the beautiful Wasatch Mountains with her family. Facing her OCD was difficult. Telling her family was almost impossible. Writing about it, the supreme act of faith. She has felt supported by the Savior each step of the way. Misti knows you or someone you love may be among those who are silently suffering in a seemingly insurmountable set of circumstances and loves spreading the Savior’s message of hope and deliverance through the message of her book.

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A great book about healing
By , Submitted on 2015-12-31

I struggled with the blame the author placed but I appreciated her realization throughout and was grateful for the help she received. Forgiveness and personal healing takes time. I thought it was very brave of the author to lay out her struggles and frustrations with her parents in a book but I loved what she says in the end, how the Spirit guided her to write this book. Misti also recognized how the Lord had answered her prayers in her life, and by writing her experience down, it helped her realize it even more. Misti also used her journal entries in the chapters. I appreciated how she also stated that Satan is also aware of our struggles, as the Lord is, and he tries to use them against us. Misti stresses that the difference is, Jesus is there to help us and guide us, not bring us down. We all have our own Mount Everest to climb and with the Savior's help, we can overcome all.

Received a paperback copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Message of Hope
By , Submitted on 2015-12-23

I don't have OCD so I don't understand Misti's trials when it comes to that. However, I certainly have trials of my own and was interested to read how what she learned could apply to my situation.

I was a little mixed on this book. At first, I felt like she was rehashing things over and over and it was hard for me to get through. Then, all of a sudden, I became very interested in what she was saying. I'm honestly not sure if it was a change in me or if the tone of her book changed.

She does put a lot of blame on her mother. I felt that her biggest frustration with her mother was that she didn't ever seem willing to sincerely listen to her or make efforts to change. Her parents were all about appearances and that made it difficult for Misti when she was trying to get help. It's a tough situation that they have hopefully been able to resolve.

The main point I got out of this book is the effort Misti put into getting better. It became all consuming for a while but she was determined to find answers. I use some of the same tools she learned and, like her, I feel like I'm led to the next thing when I need it. She journaled tons, which is something I know I should do, but just can't seem to find the desire to do it. Those journals helped her write this book. She gets real and is honest and open about what she went through and how she was able to get the answers she was seeking.

I appreciate Misti sharing her journey to find joy in her life. It can't be easy to open yourself up to the scrutiny of others. She shares tools and information that anyone going through a trial will find useful. I'm looking forward to implementing some of what she shared in my own life. This book will especially be useful to anyone going through a trial similar to Misti's who feels like there isn't any hope. Her story shows that there's hope for everyone--you just need to be willing to do the work!

I received a copy of this book to review. My opinion is 100% my own.

An important book.
By , Submitted on 2015-12-15

Mental illness has long carried a stigma with it that is sadly still alive and well. Even now people are uncomfortable talking about it and understanding it is difficult under any circumstances. And that is why stories like Misti's need to be told. Misti gives an account of her experiences starting from a very young age that lead her down the road to developing OCD as well as how she dealt with it and how she eventually found healing through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I found myself truly touched as I read about Misti's struggles, especially feeling so alone in her struggles. But like most of us she had her good days too and people who loved her deeply. I'd recommend this book to those who've struggled with not only OCD but any kind of mental illness and the immense challenges it presents. Misti offers hope to those who struggle that healing is possible when faith in the Lord is exercised and a support network found.

Author takes an emotional journey you won't want to miss!
By , Submitted on 2015-12-09

Wow, this book is kind of amazing! I loved that the author, Misti Stevenson, is so willing to open up her whole life for the whole world to see. I thought that she did a really great job with her writing, she explained what she had dealt with for many, many years in a way that is easy to understand. You feel her anguish as she talks about what she has gone through.

I learned a lot from this book. I learned a lot about OCD that I had never known or even thought about before. Hopefully that will help me to be more compassionate if I need to help someone dealing with that particular problem. I also learned about myself, some of her beginning chapters talk about her parents families and kind of dissect the way that one side of her family acts and how she has always had a hard time relating to them. This really hit home for me, I've always had a hard time with some of my relatives and I have never really understood why. Seeing her journey through her OCD and the forgiveness that was required of her helps me to realize that I too have a forgiveness journey that I need to undertake.

This book is an emotional journey from Misti's darkest days into her present joy filled ones that you won't want to miss!

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