The Healer

by Gregg Luke

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After successfully completing his first-year professorship, Welsh folklore expert Chris Pendragon has earned a vacation. At least that's what the young scholar tells himself—but deep down he feels an urgency to reassess his life, to find a sense of purpose. Hoping that perhaps a trip to Wales will provide the answers he seeks, Chris embarks on a journey of self-discovery. But he could never have anticipated the unimaginable adventure that awaits him ...

Shortly after his arrival in Wales, Chris is witness to a horrific accident with more far-reaching consequences than he could have dreamed. Following Chris's heroic rescue of one of the victims, an unexplainable phenomenon is revealed: bones that had been broken were made whole with Chris's touch. Still reeling form this discovery, Chris is approached by a wizened old man with an implausible answer: Chris has been chosen to be the bearer of the Dial, a healer of unparalleled power. But the calling is fraught with peril, and Chris soon discovers there are those who will stop at nothing to seize the power of the Dial. With the help of a beautiful, if skeptical, doctor, Chris must choose: go back to the life he was leading or embark on a thrilling new destiny.

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Audiobook Runtime10 hrs 23 min
Audiobook NarratorJason Tatum

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Gregg Luke

Gregg Luke was born in Bakersfield, California, but spent the majority of his childhood and young adult life in Santa Barbara, California. He served an LDS mission to Wisconsin then pursued his education in biological sciences at SBCC, UCSBB, BYU, and subsequently graduated from the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. His biggest loves are family reading, writing, music, science, and nature.

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The Healer - The Delight!
By , Submitted on 2018-12-07

This book is a modern fantasy/mystery with religious implications. The main character, Christian, gains the ability to heal people from an ancient priest. At first he does not understand how the gift works, where it comes from or if it is a gift at all. He must discover the mysteries behind it all and decide what he wants to do with his new calling.

The Good.
This book has some great emotion behind it. The characters are all full and rich. The unfolding of the story behind the abilities is well paced and detailed. The concept feels fresh and original. It is well written and thought provoking. I was hooked from the very beginning and the author dangled tidbits of details throughout the entire book that kept me wanting more.

The Bad.
Like many books, loose ends and problems are tied up a little quicker and more conveniently then seems normal. The romantic aspects while light are still a bit sappy for my taste.

And The Conclusion
I really liked this book. I will be doing this one again. There is enough subtlety that I’m sure a second go through will be well worth it. This isn’t a regular fantasy and it’s not a normal mystery novel. It isn’t a romance either, but it is full of emotional moments.

Helpful Information
Length: 10hrs 23mins
Reader: Jason Tatum

By , Submitted on 2015-03-03

(4.5 stars) Chris Pendragon teaches history at Gonzaga University and decides to take a vacation to Wales to find purpose in his life. He witnesses a car accident and his life is changed forever. He miraculously heals a young boy's broken ankles and doesn't understand how that happened. He meets Nicholas Tewdrig who tries to explain to him what's happening but Chris writes him off as a crazy old man. He realizes too late that he should have listened to him. As he searches for answers, he learns that there are some people he can trust and others that he shouldn't.

I liked reading about the changes Chris made during this story. He started out disbelieving (and honestly, who wouldn't?), and as he learned more information, he started warming up to the idea that he was, indeed, a healer. He questioned why this gift had been given to him and I liked the new revelations he got about how and why it worked, what his role was, and where the true power came from. Since this book is about a spiritual gift, there are quite a few religious references and I personally loved that!

There were some cool legends and locations referred to in this book and the author shares in his Afterword the following: "Although this book is a work of fiction, the legends and locations are authentic. The weaving of one legend with another was solely the work of the author." He then goes on to list the websites where you can learn more. This part was fascinating to me! I wasn't familiar with any of them and loved how he brought them all together.

This book was full of twists and turns and I wasn't sure who to trust, either. He meets a doctor, Kathryn, who was skeptical about his claims, but seemed to believe him. I was surprised at what happened between them and will be interested to see if she shows up in a future installment. The way this book left off, there has to be more to the story and I'm looking forward to how Chris learns to deal with his newfound gift and how it will change his life.

This is the first book I've read by Gregg Luke, but it won't be the last!

The Healer by Gregg Luke
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The Healer grips you from the first page and doesn't stop until the end! I really enjoyed this book and Chris's journey to find the answers he is seeking and also how to find himself in his new role. I was fascinated by the Welsh history and loved the details of Chris's travels. I thought there were some very clever twists and turns, especially involving Dr. Ingledew. I loved Chris, but I think the character that surprised me the most was Father Llewellyn. He was a treat, absolutely delightful. Every time he spoke, I smiled. The Father says something to Chris that really struck me.

I've come to believe that those with the greatest blessings are often those with the greatest challenges. (page 229)

This statement fit this book perfectly. Chris, at first, sees his role as a healer as a burden. I loved reading his self-discovery and how he plans on handling it in the future. The history of the Dial was fascinating and enjoyable. The last few chapters were icing on the cake, a perfect way of showing the reader how he plans to treat his gift. I'm so excited to see what is next for Chris.

I received a paperback copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Interesting and Different than what I expected
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is not anything like the other books I've read by Gregg Luke. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. I kept waiting for things to turn and go more like his other books but that just didn't happen.

How would I categorize this book? I just don't know. It's not a romance. It's not necessarily a mystery although Chris is definitely trying to figure out the meaning of some information he has been given. It's not really a religious book in the sense that it is preachy or full of doctrine but there are a ton of biblical references and connections to religion. People pray and the theme of faith is big. It's also not an action/adventure but there certainly is some of that in there too.

This book is set in Wales and there sure was a lot of talk about the food the characters were served! Although they hardly ate it. Which is just too bad, yes? Most of the conversations between Chris and the locals ends in a question, does it not? haha. Yeah, that's about how the talk goes. Especially with Father Llewellyn (who I really loved). I would love to visit Wales some day. I hear it's beautiful country.

Chris is an interesting character. He is definitely smart as to history and book learning although maybe not so smart when it comes to dealing with spiritual or heart felt things. I thought sometimes he was quite disrespectful but he did have a load of confusing things thrown at him all at once. His vacation of self discovery turned into much more than he bargained for, that's for sure.

I thought this book was interesting. I enjoyed the journey from myth and legend to miracle. I would really love to read more about Chris embracing his gift and using it to help others instead of coming to terms with it. Maybe a "next" book? I have a feeling Chris's story is only just beginning.

Kind of a good way.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book is kind of crazy, in a good way! It starts out with a car accident and never lets up from there. I loved how it was filled with action, adventure, and the mystery of just what has happened to Chris. I really liked Chris, he seemed like a genuinely nice guy who just wants to help others, even when he knows that he might be in danger himself. I loved the setting of Wales, I could almost picture being there, even though I've never been. I really enjoyed the plot, it left me wanting to know what happened to Chris all throughout the book. The ending was great, but I still want to know what will happen to Chris and his abilities. Will he live a really long time like Nick? Or will he somehow end up dying an early death. This book is full of Welsh tales so incredible you won't believe them. You won't want to put it down!

Great book
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was impressed at how well Gregg Luke was able to incorporate myths and legends from different cultures into one story. He was then able to take those incorporated stories and added Christianity into it. It was well done and made for a great story.

Chris Pendragon is visiting the land of his ancestors. He is a History Professor and has just completed his first year teaching. He visits Wales to figure out who he is and what he really wants to do with is life. Visiting historical sites is a passion of his. He wants to see where the history was made and talk to the locals to get a better mental picture.

What he ends up with is more than he could have imagined. He now is part of this history and legends of Wales. He doesn't seek it, he doesn't want it, but it is his destiny. An older gentleman gives him an ancient gift that he can't return, but alters how he views life and what he plans to do with his future. I loved the character of Nicholas. He had so much to give, but Chris wasn't ready. It would have been nice to see more of him and his message.

I loved exploring the Welsh countryside with Chris. Seeing a land and culture through a book only strengthens my desire to see it for myself! Wales is one of the top five places on my wish list for vacations.

It would be great to see a second book about Chris. I would love to see how he uses his gift after fulling embracing it. Plus, more running from mob members, jail escapes, and meeting people from legend and the scriptures would be fun to read about. :) It was fun in this book!

Interesting view on legends and religion
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is quite a different story from anything else I've read by this author. Chris is on a vacation in Wales and comes across a terrible accident. His life changes from that point on, as he learns that he has been chosen to be a healer. Chris has a lot of questions and is determined to find answers, which leads him on some crazy adventures. One question asked of him was, "Have you ever wondered if you might have a higher calling in this life?" That really opened his mind to the situation.

Being a healer is a very religious role, found in legends, and many of the answers lie with priests, in churches, and within himself, as he discovers a faith he never knew he possessed. I can't imagine being in a foreign country and finding myself is some of the scrapes that Chris found himself in. There were times when the wrong people were trusted and other times when unexpected people helped him out. Through it all, he learned a lot and received a lot of wise counsel. He was told, "There are clues aplenty. You just need faith to see them." Isn't that just how life is?

Father Llewellyn is a fantastic character and one of my favorites. Dr. Kathryn Ingledew was great, too. She seems very conflicted, which confused me, and I'm interested to see if she appears in another story in the series. Chris is a very mature and competent character. I especially enjoyed the ending and seeing him come into himself.

This was an interesting read and I'm looking forward to seeing where the series will go from here.

Content: Squeaky clean in the romance department (none); no language; mild violence elements (car accident, injuries--not very graphic); heavy religious elements (the main focus is religion with a lot of references to prayer, healing, scriptures, and religion)

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

WOW! This book is so AMAZING!
I couldn't turn the pages fast enough :)

College professor, Chris Pendragon, is seeking information.

Information about Welsh folklore and information about himself.

Little did he know that he would come across an auto accident that would change his life.

Travel with Chris as he rescues a little boy, is taught by an old man and a vicar, and becomes 'the healer.'

He will have to explain things he doesn't know how to explain, hide from the law, learn about some fascinating history, and choose a path of life he never even knew existed.

The mantle of "the bearer of the Dial~a healer of unparalleled power" has been passed to him...

Is he strong enough to carry it?

And can he keep it safe from those who are seeking it?

Fast-paced, full of action and intrigue!

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