Healing Hearts

by Sarah M. Eden

Healing hearts

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Wyoming Territory, 1876

As the only doctor in the frontier town of Savage Wells, Gideon MacNamara knows his prospects for a bride are limited. The womenfolk in town are either too young, too old, or already spoken for. So, being a practical man, he decides to take advantage of the matchmaking service of the day—mail-order brides—and sends away for a woman with nursing experience.

When Miriam steps off the stagecoach in Savage Wells, she sees a bright future in front of her. But when the town—and Gideon—meets her, ready for a wedding, her excitement quickly turns to horror. Somehow Dr. MacNamara's message had gotten turned around. He didn't want a nurse, he wanted a wife. When she refuses to marry him, she finds herself stranded in Savage Wells with some very unhappy townspeople.

But Gideon is not like the other men Miriam has met. Embarrassed by the misunderstanding, he offers her a job, and the two begin an awkward—and often humorous—dance of gettting to know each other as they work to care for the people of their town.

Romance blossoms between the two, but when a former medical associate of Miriam's arrives in town, Gideon and the other townsfolk must rally to protect Miriam from a dangerous fate. Gideon and Miriam must decide if they are willing to risk their hearts for each other even as buried secrets are brought to light.

“Healing Hearts is transporting...will surely claim many hearts.” -Foreword Reviews

“Rich in humor, heart, and endearing characters.” -Booklist

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Size5.5 x 8.5
PublishedShadow Mountain 2019
Audiobook NarratorKirsten Potter
Audiobook RuntimeApproximately 9 hrs.

About the Author

Sarah M. Eden

Sarah M. Eden is the author of several well-received historical romances. Her previous Proper Romance novel Longing for Home won the Foreword Reviews 2013 IndieFab Book of the Year award for romance. Hope Springs won the 2014 Whitney Award for "Best Novel of the Year" and The Sheriffs of Savage Wells was a Foreword Reviews 2016 Book of the Year finalist for romance.

Combining her obsession with history and an affinity for tender love stories, Sarah loves crafting witty characters and heartfelt romances. She happily spends hours perusing the reference shelves of her local library and dreams of one day traveling to all the places she reads about. Visit Sarah at www.sarahmeden.com.

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Best opening chapter ever!
By , Submitted on 2019-02-14

I’m not going to tell you that you have to read The Sheriffs of Savage Wells before reading this one. But I am going to highly suggest it! This one can stand on it’s own. The reader will just understand the characters and town much better if they’ve read that one first.

Anyway…Healing Hearts. I’m going to start by saying that the first chapter in this one is my favorite opening chapter in any book I’ve ever read. The book opens with Miriam. She’s on the stagecoach to Savage Wells, where she thinks she’s just going to be a nurse for Doctor MacNamera. But she’s led to a wedding, one where she is supposed to be the bride. I just loved it!

Gideon MacNamera had sent for a wife. His one stipulation was that she also needed to be a nurse. Miriam would be perfect for him. But she isn’t interested in marrying a man she’s never met. Gideon needs help and offers her the nursing job anyway.

It was hilarious to me how the townspeople of Savage Wells interacted with Miriam. They wanted nothing to do with the woman who jilted Gideon. But little by little, she wins them over with her kindness and skill. I loved that part.

This one is a great book. I loved the story! There are just so many great things about it. I didn’t want to stop reading it for anything. Unfortunately, people in my family want clean clothes, food, etc! Make sure you take the time to read this great book!

By , Submitted on 2019-02-05

It was wonderful to return to the setting of the isolated Western town of Savage Wells! I quickly grew to love Miriam and Gideon, and enjoyed how they worked so well together as doctor and nurse. Miriam has major trust issues because of her past rejection from her family and the doctors that took advantage of her vulnerable circumstances. It was eye-opening to learn some of the history of asylums and made me thankful for the brave individuals who sacrificed and risked to expose the abuse. Gideon has been unlucky in love, but proves himself throughout the book that he is reliable and worthy of Miram's trust and affection. There are still several obstacles for them to overcome, especially when Miriam's secret come to light and an unwelcome visitor comes to town. I loved the loyalty the town had to Miriam and they way her new friends supported her during her trials. It was fun to have Paisley, Cade, and Hawk from the first book play significant roles in this second book, and I'm looking forward to more! (Fingers crossed) :)

(I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)

By , Submitted on 2019-01-21

Healing Hearts is another winner from Sarah M. Eden. I enjoyed the trip back to Savage Wells, Wyoming, and the interactions with Gideon, Paisley, Cade and the rest of the townsfolk. Miriam was a wonderful addition to this town full of quirky and lovable characters.

The beginning of the story is priceless and sure to catch your attention. If you've already read the description the beginning is somewhat spoiled for you. If you haven't, just dive in knowing that Eden does a great job developing her characters and creating memorable scenes to get a reader emotionally invested in her stories.

It was quite eye opening to read about how how people where institutionalized for things that today are very much not mental illnesses. I'm so grateful to live at this time where medical advances have made life so much better for many people.

It's been awhile since I read The Sheriffs of Savage Wells, and even though I was coming back to the fun town and characters I loved, I think you could read this without having read that. Honestly, if you have access to both, read both, but you still get a wonderful story from Healing Hearts if you can't get your hands on The Sheriffs of Savage Wells first.

As usual, the story is clean and a great fit for Shadow Mountain's Proper Romance line. I'm really looking forward to reading this again.

4.5 Stars

*I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own.

Healing Hearts
By , Submitted on 2019-01-18

This was another lovely romance by Sarah M. Eden. She has such a knack for bringing her characters along in believable ways. Gideon and Miriam begin from a place of disaster, yet travel such a different route! Theirs is a unique road that suits them perfectly and allows the reader to come to enjoy and love the heart that beats within each of them.
P. S. In the closing scene of the book, have the instrumental of a particular song (you'll know the one) playing in the background. You'll find it fits to perfection. (less)

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