I Heard Him Come

by Jeff Goodrich

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Jeff Goodrich

Jeff Goodrich is a composer of many beautiful and inspiring songs of the Savior. His unique writing style of first-person conversion stories set to memorable and awe-inspiring melodies makes him one of the most beloved composers of our time. He captures the heart and soul of the listener with his unforgettable melodies and poetic lyrics in such tunes as "I Heard Him Come," "Oh Lord, My Redeemer," and "Back In Galilee."

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Wonderful, Emotional Music
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

We learned about Jeff's musical talent from our son, who is currently serving on a mission in the Utah, Provo mission. Missionaries are permitted to listen to selected LDS music and Jeff's works were among those permitted. After listening to a few seconds of Jeff's work, I immediately ordered this CD. The spirit that accompanies this music is wonderful. Great job Jeff. We plan on keeping any eye on your work and hope that you do many more.

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