Heart to Heart: Communication and Intimacy

by John L. Lund

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Heart to Heart is a fascinating 2-CD talk by bestselling speaker and author Dr. John L. Lund in which he describes how a couple’s improved communication can lead to improvements in all aspects of a marriage, including intimacy. He begins by examining the differences in male and female communication, which he ties back to proven differences between the male and female brain. He encourages couples to understand those differences and use them to relate to each other in more effective ways.

Dr. Lund says that love is a combination of acceptance, appreciation, and affection, and that intimacy at the highest level in a relationship is an expression of that love. Drawing on his wealth of experience as a marriage counselor, Dr. Lund shares proven ways that couples can get past the hurdles in their relationships and enjoy the wonderful unifying aspects of intimacy in marriage.

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About the Author

John L. Lund

Dr. John L. Lund holds Bachelor's degrees in sociology and education from Brigham Young University, a Master's Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Washington in Seattle and a Doctor of Education from Brigham Young University. Because of his emphasis in research, he also completed the equivalent of a Doctoral Minor in Statistics. He has taught as adjunct faculty at major universities throughout Washington, Idaho, California and Utah. He is a consultant to both the business world and the private sector as a family counselor. He holds three certifications as an Arbitrator, Mediator, and a Negotiator and is published in the State of Utah roster of Mediators and Arbitrators.

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Awesome but too General
By , Submitted on 2019-04-09

I really enjoyed listening to this and got great ideas and insights on how to improve my marriage. However, the problem I'm finding with most Marriage and Relationship advice is that it take the approach that all men are the same, and all women are the same. My marriage is quite different than this talk and other books because my husband has much less of a sex drive than I do and he doesn't think intimacy is an important part of marriage. I would love to know if there is any marriage/relationship advice that will help a wife in a situation similar to what I am experiencing.

The Best info you will ever recieve about Intimacy
By , Submitted on 2015-11-09

Just simply AWESOME! i never knew there is a celestial view on Intimacy and everyone needs this kind of view.

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