The Heart of a Healthy Marriage and a Happy Family

by Wally Goddard


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In this enlightening two-talk set, popular speaker and author H. Wallace Goddard, Ph.D., shares a wealth of knowledge on how to improve two of the most important aspects of our lives: the relationship with our spouse and the relationship with our children. In the first talk, he describes how to transform an ordinary marriage into a heavenly one. “Marriage,” says Dr. Goddard, “is advance training for discipleship. The natural person is an enemy to his or her spouse. As a result, the harder we try to have a good marriage, the worse things get — unless we use Heavenly Father’s principles of heavenly relationships. He knows—and gladly shows us — how to have great relationships.”

In the second talk, Dr. Goddard shares proven principles of wellness, compassion, nurturing, and guidance to help parents “bring up [their] children in light and truth.” “Popular parenting recommendations range all over the map and often contradict each other,” says Dr. Goddard, “yet the research on relationships says that four processes must be in balance. Those happen to be the same four things that God recommends. By using these timeless principles, any parent can be both more peaceful and more effective.” This talk set will transform lives and strengthen relationships.

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