Hearts Turned to the Fathers

by BYU Studies, James B. Allen, Kahlile B. Mehr, Jessie L. Embry

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Product Description

This book tells an amazing story about millions of people. Since 1894 the Genealogical Society of Utah (now known as the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) has sought to collect genealogical information about people from every nation. Latter-day Saints see this work as a fulfillment of Malachi’s prophecy that the hearts of the children would be turned to their fathers to unify all members of the human family and to prepare the world to meet God.

In November 1994, the Church celebrated the Genealogical Society’s centennial. At one level, the Society’s story is the history of an organization. At another level, it is the intersection of numerous individual stories, such as the dedication of Susa Young Gates, the tireless determination of Joseph Fielding Smith, the enthusiasm of Archibald F. Bennett, and the daring of Paul Langheinrich. LDS genealogical research is known all over the world. Parts of its story are familiar to many people, but only a fraction of the whole history is widely known.

This book tells that story. It is a history of astounding and sustained efforts that have changed the hearts of millions.

About the Authors

BYU Studies

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James B. Allen

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Kahlile B. Mehr

Kahlile Mehr holds an M.A. in family and local history and also an M.L.S. in library science from Brigham Young University. He works at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. He received the T. Edgar Lyon Award from the Mormon History Association three times for his articles. He resides in Centerville, Utah.

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Jessie L. Embry

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