Helping and Healing Our Families: Principles and Practices Inspired by The Family: A Proclamation to the World

by Various Authors

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On the tenth anniversary of “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” Helping and Healing Our Families draws on scholarship and the counsel of prophets to strengthen marriages, families, and communities. The book offers practical helps for many challenges of family life, including illness and death, difficult teens, single parenting, marital differences, abuse, pronography addiction, and more.

The following authors are among many featured in the book:

  • Daniel K Judd and Ann N. Madsen on the covenant marriage
  • Sydney S. Reynolds and Noel B. Reynolds on valuing and nurturing children
  • Jeffry H. Larson and LaNae Valentine on overcoming addiction
  • Brenton G. Yorgason and daughter, Jennifer Y. Thatcher on informal teaching moments
  • Ed J. Pinegar and Patricia P. Pinegar on keeping marriage strong through the years
  • James M. Harper and Susanne Frost Olsen on healthy ties with in-laws
  • Robert L. Millet and Elaine Walton on wayward children
  • Richard B. Miller and Margie Egbert Edwards on grandparenting
  • Elder Alexander B. Morrison on mental illness in the family
  • Erin Eldridge on same-sex attraction
  • Lloyd D. Newell and Karmel Newell on building spiritual patterns at home
  • Brent A. Barlow on the benefits of marriage
  • Emily Watts on the joys and struggles of mothering
  • Bruce A. Chadwick and Susan L. Warner on helping youth recognize personal religious experiences.

  • A companion volume to BYU School of Family Life's Strengthening Our Families(published in 2000), Helping and Healing Our Families focuses on creating, sustaining, and healing relationships. This comprehensive resource offers new, concrete ways to meet family life, and even family challenges, with renewed hope.

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