Helping LDS Men Resolve Homosexual Problems: A Guide for Family, Friends, and Church Leaders

by Jason Park


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This book urges love and sensitivity toward those who struggle with difficulty homosexual problems. A man's journey out of homosexuality will be easier if he has the support of his friends and family, and this book can give you ideas on how to support someone you love. The author knows there are solutions to homosexual problems because he has experienced them in his own life.

This book is a companion to Resolving Homosexual Problems: A Guide for LDS Men, which gives suggestions to men on how to resolve their problems.

The process described is not one of suppressing homosexual feelings and controlling behavior through willpower. The goal is to resolve the inner conflicts that created the homosexual attractions. Although homosexual behavior can be stopped in the short term by exercising willpower, the unmet emotional and social needs won't go away until they are fulfilled in nonsexual ways. As men resolve the underlying causes, the unwanted impulses will diminish and disappear.

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