Heroes of Faith

by Marlene Bateman Sullivan


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Angry mobs and flying bullets were just a few things the early Saints had to cope with. Heroes of Faith: True Stories of Courage and Strength tells the inspiring stories of stalwart LDS men and women who rose above impossible odds and stood valiant in the Gospel. Learn how to use faith and courage to get through trials in your own life when the world seems to turn against you.


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I Stand in Awe
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I love stories of heroes.
People with strength and courage who stand up for themselves and others.
Even when standing up would be uncomfortable and sometimes downright dangerous.
There have been many in history who have given everything for what they believe. Joan of Arc and the ancient apostles of Jesus Christ spring instantly to mind. And Jesus Christ, Himself.
There are modern examples as well. And many are showcased in the new book by Marlene Bateman Sullivan: Heroes of Faith, True Stories of Faith and Courage.
Marlene has collected stories of people who survived impossible hardships, such as A.C. Christensen in a Japanese prison camp. Held to their beliefs in the face of unsympathetic regimes like the Torontos in Germany. Carried on through vast physical challenges as did blind Samuel Jenkinson.
Each is a story of determination, strength and real courage.
I loved this book.
I am in awe of such people.
And wonder if I would ever have their courage.
I hope I never have to find out . . .

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

There are definitely heroes to be found in this book. The Gospel shines through, which gives the people in these stories strength and courage to overcome the trials in their lives. Some end up even being martyrs because of their convictions, and blessed are they!
Some of these true stories I have heard before, but was amazed at how many I did not.I look back in history, especially in my own, and how many life experiences from ancestors have been swept under the rug. Thanks to Marlene she has brought some great stories to light.
There were quite a few that dealt with war. Some about the pioneers, and not just the ones who walked across the plains, but pioneers in their own lands. Also Missionary stories. I really enjoyed the Women of Faith in this book, and watching them overcome the trials of there time and culture.
The heroes in this book would not have become that way without the Gospel in their lives. Most people are heroes to somebody. Who knows what those around you have written down in their journals to make you one.

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