The Highly Effective Missionary

by David M. R. Covey

The Highly Effective Missionary

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The field is ready to harvest, and to reap the rewards of your labor you need the right tools. David Covey's 8-step door approach and golden questions will orient missionaries toward fruitful finding, concrete committing, and meaningful member relations. Leave mediocre missionary work far behind as you discover skills specific to the conversion process and develop into a highly effective missionary.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This book changed my mission! It helped me to find my own innovative ways to bring the gospel to many more people than I would have if I had simply gone through the motions like many missionaries do. I found the book very easy to understand and immediately helpful in giving me new ideas for my missionary work. This book was crucial in helping me to baptize 6 times more people than my mission's average. I used the concepts often as an Assistant to the President in training the Australia Adelaide Mission and it created a culture of fun and success, we went from averaging 9 baptisms a month to 15 during that time. The book is a quick read, it provided me hope and motivation during difficult seasons of the work, it is easy to understand, and is very much a HOW to book. David Coveys book will give a missionary or potential missionary exciting new approaches and skills and I would fully recommend it to anybody who is engaged in missionary service.

Excellent and timely advice for missionaries who wish to find, teach and baptize!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I recently sent this book to my son who is currently serving in France as well as several nieces and nephews who are on missions throughout the world. They all rave about the results they are seeing just from following simple steps. It is filled with incredibly helpful advice and skills that can literally transform your mission! Most missionaries shy away from bold and innovative approaches because they feel they are being too "pushy" or overbearing. This book teaches you how embrace the boldness to get into the doors that usually reject you. Read it before you go on a mission and master the skills necessary to truly find, teach and baptize more than ever before! I am going to give this as my Christmas gift this year to every perspective/current missionary I know!

Awesome Book!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I am only 14 years old and preparing to go on a mission. I really enjoyed everything about this book. I loved the stories and the great advice to improve my missionary preparation. It really gave me good perspective and will definitely change the way I look at missionary work and prepare for my own mission. I would recommend this book for all kids preparing to serve!

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