History of the Saints: Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

by History of the Saints


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In this powerful anthology of early pioneer stories, you will be inspired by marvelous miracles experienced by the first generation of Latter-day Saints. Some of the stories are about early Saints familiar to most LDS readers, but many are accounts of faithful pioneers whose stories, until now, were mostly known only by their descendants. Some accounts demonstrate the merciful intervention of heaven; others illustrate how the Lord often uses mere mortals to accomplish great works. The writers and producers of the History of the Saints series along with noted LDS history scholars bring you remarkable stories of courage, compassion, and faith that show how ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things with the help of our Father in Heaven.

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History of the Saints

History of the Saints is a private non-profit entity dedicated to the research and teaching of Latter-day Saint history. Dennis Lyman, Bryant Bush, and Glenn Rawson originally began working together as part of the Joseph Smith Papers and have continued their efforts to make early Church history as accurate, understandable and accessible to a general audience as possible.

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