History of the Saints: Zion's Camp, 1834: March of Faith

by History of the Saints

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In the spring and summer of 1834, a group of 230 men, women, and children traveled to Missouri under Joseph Smith's leadership to help the Latter-day Saints who had been ejected from Jackson County to regain their lands. It was a difficult march of about 900 miles, and men and women were tested, tried, and proven. When it was over, Zion was not redeemed, no land had been recovered, and charges of failure were levied against the expedition and Joseph Smith. This volume, written by the most informed scholars in the world on this subject, tells the story of Zion's Camp, including it successes and challenges. It explores what those who actually participated in the march felt about their experience. It comprehensively brings together those documents and diaries that best represent the history of this fascinating story. If ever there were an event in early Latter-day Saint history that reminds one of the Lord's words, "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord," it is this story (Isaiah 55:8).

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History of the Saints

History of the Saints is a private non-profit entity dedicated to the research and teaching of Latter-day Saint history. Dennis Lyman, Bryant Bush, and Glenn Rawson originally began working together as part of the Joseph Smith Papers and have continued their efforts to make early Church history as accurate, understandable and accessible to a general audience as possible.

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