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“As long as we’re moving, it looks as if we’re going somewhere. If we’re sitting, it looks like we’re going nowhere.”

“We may be moving,” I mumbled to myself, “but it still feels like we’re going nowhere.”

It’s the spring of 1948, and Bernard Poduska’s life is permeated with despair beyond his years. Following eviction from their Albuquerque home, the eight-year-old and his impoverished family have joined the ranks of the nation’s homeless, and hope is running low. In a bid to outrun Social Services, the Poduskas crisscross the nation, hitching rides to “anywhere else.”

For the next eighteen years, the semi-literate young man finds refuge in his anger—and in atheism. How could there be a God, with such suffering? Yet unbeknownst to Bernard, even in those darkest of days, the Lord walked by his side. And without realizing the path he was on, the unconquerable Bernard Poduska began a miraculous journey toward the peace of the restored gospel.

Brigham Young University Professor Bernard Poduska takes readers on an incredible and personal journey in this chain of reminiscences: from his young fight for survival on the streets to his triumphant rise among the ranks of BYU’s most distinguished professors. More than just a rags-to-riches memoir, this unflinchingly candid tale documents one man’s incredible transformation from an ardent anti-Christian into a faithful man of God.

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Bernard E. Poduska

It has been a long journey; however, along with opposition in all things, God also gave us agency and the spiritual love and support we need to enable us to prevails. In my case, although I was declared "functionally illiterate" in high school, I managed to go on to earn a BS and an MS in psychology and a PhD in marriage and family therapy. I taught at colleges and universities for over thirty-five years, twenty-one of which were spent at Brigham Young University. I have also written a textbook on personality adjustment, a self-help book on managing stress, and two books on finances and relationships.

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I'm giving this book to everyone as my Christmas gift
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I literally read it in two days (don’t tell my boss) I couldn’t put it down. If you’ve ever met “Bud” you’d never think/know that he had such an impoverished childhood. At times I would read it saying this has to be fiction. Even if it is, it kept me wanting to read what happens next.

The last year or so I’ve lost faith in humanity. In fact, I’m still disappointed with all that’s going on and disillusioned with humanity in general. But what I liked most about his autobiography was the kindling of hope within me about the random and impulsive acts of kindness. Though the main stories of charity takes place during the late 1940s Bud’s book gives me a kindling of hope that there is still goodness and kindness in the world even if that kindness beings with us.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

EVERYONE needs to read this story!

Although this sounds like a really good fiction story...this is a TRUE story!

A story of an amazing journey one man has made!

I love the how the book puts it:
"This is a true story of one man's amazing journey from a homeless and hopeless childhood to a life of conversion and faith."

In 1947, due to lack of rent money, 8-year-old Bernard and his family are evicted.

Having no where to go the Poduska family join the ranks of the homeless.

For two years, one thing after another keeps this family on the run.

And with no money the only way to get from one place to another is to hitchhike.

But as Bernard, (Buddy), states at the end of the book:
"You will never know what's on down the road until after you've made the journey; be grateful for any rides others may give you along the way, and whatever your destination, the journey is everything--make the most of it."

EVERYONE needs to read this story!

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