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Quick Read!
By , Submitted on 2018-12-11

This is one of the books that everyone needs to have a copy of on their bookshelf. I really enjoy learning about the Temple Endowment even though I was endowed five years ago. I love the scriptural references as well as modern-day references. Quick read!

Just what I needed!
By , Submitted on 2018-05-11

I love this book! I read this book because I wanted to get more out of my temple attendance. I felt like I had hit a wall in my understanding of the endowment and I wasn't getting what I could be out of the temple ordinance. I was ready for more! My mom recommended I read "A Holy Invitation". I was surprised by how much I got out of so few pages! There is so much depth to this book that I had to put it down a few times to ponder what I had read. The content is simple truth, part of which is taught through a parable of a kind and his kingdom. This allowed the Spirit to work with me to receive personal revelation and I found myself searching the scriptures to learn more about passages that struck me. The Holy Invitation helped me to look at things I've seen and heard over and over, with a new perspective. And because it is shorter than most books, I can read it over and over again!

Excellent for Young Adults
By , Submitted on 2018-04-06

This is a fabulous book to help young adults grasp the “big picture” of why we strive to go to the Temple and return regularly. Reading this book can better prepare one for their personal endowment. It is simple and easy to understand. Loved it!

I didnt care for this book
By , Submitted on 2018-02-09

I was so excited to read this book, but I was shocked how small it was. It is maybe 4 inches x 6 inches big and very thin. But I dug in ready to learn and I was still super excited to read it. I was honestly disappointed however, it felt very dry. There was only a couple pages that I thought were helpful and interesting. I had been through the temple before I read it, but I dont think this book would have helped me at all even if I had read it before going to the house of the Lord. I would just stick with the Church's temple prep manual and not buy this book. I couldnt recommend it to anyone. Very disappointed.

The Holy Invitation
By , Submitted on 2017-11-25

What I love about this book is that it doesn’t try and interpret anything but instead gives you some guidance on how to learn and receive revelation on your own as you attend the temple. That’s always my worry with a book on temples, but once again, Tony instead delivered a homerun message. I as a priesthood leader plan to encourage those who are going through the temple for the first time, to read this first. It’s the perfect introduction for someone to study before he or she receives the endowment - a great temple prep course. It took me 2 hours to read and study the book. Nice work Tony.

The Holy Invitation
By , Submitted on 2017-11-15

I was thrilled to see Brother Sweat had a new book, The Holy Invitation, understanding your sacred temple endowment.
Whether attending the temple for the first time or returning after many years of temple service, this is a great book to give insight and meaning to your temple worship.
My husband and I are serving in a young single adult ward and have made sure all our temple prep students have a copy of this insightful book.
Brother Sweat is a powerful teacher and his book doesn’t disappoint.

The Holy Invitation
By , Submitted on 2017-10-20

Just finished listening to Brother Sweat's book this morning. I loved it. Just as with his book, " Christ in Every Hour", I found new insights opening up to me continually as I listened--even with principles that I thought I already understood pretty well. A definite recommendation for everyone--from those preparing to enter the Temple of the Lord for the very first time to those that have been attending for many years. You will gain much as you listen or read to take with you the next time you enter the Lord's House.