Home Evenings for Empty Nesters

by Alison Palmer

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Every family has been asked to hold weekly home evenings, and every family has different needs as their situations change. Most resources available on the market focus on the needs of young families. The lessons in Home Evenings for Empty Nesters are specifically designed to help older couples nurture their relationship and continue their growth in the gospel. Lessons are brief and easy to prepare while still providing opportunities for an outpouring of love and testimony.

About the Author

Alison Palmer

Alison Palmer is a life-long member of the Church who has frequently found herself in front of a room full of Primary children armed with only a smile and a sincere love for the music of the gospel. She has served as nursery leader, pianist, chorister, teacher, den leader, and Primary president—and loved every minute of it.

Alison has written several other books for Primary children and their leaders and parents, including Family Night Lessons to Prepare Your Child for Baptism.

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