Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ

by Dean A. Byrd


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This book concisely reviews the Church's position on homosexuality, offers hope to those who want to change, and points out the weaknesses of research asserting that change is not possible.

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Dean A. Byrd

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a welcome fountain of truth in the midst of a sea of lies.
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Dr. A. Dean Byrd's book, Homosexuality and the Church of Jesus Christ, is a welcome fountain of truth in the midst of a sea of lies. While we are daily bombarded by pro-gay propaganda, here is a little book filled with big truths. Dr. Byrd quotes liberally from the scriptures, church leaders, professionals and scientific research. Whereas detractors go for the emotional, half-truth low road, Dr. Byrd takes the better high one. He clearly, logically and faithfully steps through questions of faith, cause, motive, consequence and responsibility. If you ever wondered where the LDS Church stands on homosexuality, here is the definitive place to look. It's a tight, representative collection of statements and explanations sticking to plain facts.

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