The House of Stone and Ivy

by Anita Stansfield

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Orphaned as children, Hennie and Lottie share an unbreakable friendship. Together, they suffered the horrors of orphanages and the workhouse, and now grown, they continue to rely on each other. When Lottie approaches Hennie about a possible position at a manor house, Hennie is eager to work alongside her dear friend. However, to secure the positions as stable hands, they will have to undergo a bold act of deception: the women must disguise themselves as men.

Upon arriving at the manor, Hennie is stunned. Her new position is at Ivy Manor—the beautiful estate where her mother was employed long ago and where Hennie was raised until her mother's death. Hennie has wonderful memories of her friendship with the son of the house, Jack, and is shocked and dismayed to learn he has vanished. Living in disguise at the manor allows her to gradually uncover the truth of Jack's disappearance and eventually find him. Both Hennie and Jack are thrilled to be reunited, and their friendship is renewed. Soon, their relationship blossoms . . . and threatens their determination to remain concealed. With so much at stake, will they be prepared to risk everything for love?

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Audiobook ISBN9781524408572
Size6 x 9
PublishedCovenant Communications 2019
Audiobook NarratorLuone Ingram
AudiobookApproximately 12.25 hrs.

About the Author

Anita Stansfield

Anita Stansfield began writing at the age of sixteen, and her first novel was published sixteen years later. Her novels range from historical to contemporary and cover a wide gamut of social and emotional issues that explore the human experience through memorable characters and unpredictable plots. She has received many awards, including a special award for pioneering new ground in LDS fiction, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Whitney Academy for LDS Literature. Anita is the mother of five, and has two adorable grandsons. Her husband, Vince, is her greatest hero.

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Beautiful, inspiring story
By , Submitted on 2019-04-30

Beautiful story, teaching how sharing our most personal thoughts allows us to frees us from heartache and suffering and enriches relationships to greater heights.

Stone and ivy
By , Submitted on 2019-02-14

Beautifully written, nice love story, no mystery here though.

By , Submitted on 2019-01-17

Stansfield has written another compelling tale of love and friendship versus greed and manipulation. Hennie is brought to Ivy Manor by her friend Lottie to work in the stables disguised as a man. Hennie is stunned to be back at Ivy Manor, the place she grew up as a child before being sent to an orphanage after her mother died. But she settles in and grows to like her life, despite the deception. She's surprised to discover that the heir to the manor, her old friend Jack, has disappeared. She wonders about him, but doesn't expect to ever see him again. But life has a way of surprising one sometimes and she finds herself not only discovering Jack's location, but re-establishing her friendship with him. But as their friendship grows into something stronger, they are left trying to find a way to be together in the face of the challenges that sent Jack running in the first place. The tale is an intriguing one full of interesting twists and turns as Jack and Hennie face some pretty big obstacles. I enjoyed this very much and recommend it to those who enjoy a well-told story of love and mystery.

Love the unique plot of this one!
By , Submitted on 2019-01-14

I can’t tell you just how much I LOVED this new one by Anita Stansfield! The characters are great, the setting is too, but my favorite thing about it was probably the plot. I loved the way it’s not a plot like I’ve ever seen in a Regency romance book.

This book opens with Hennie. Hennie is a young girl who serves in an inn. She doesn’t love her job, but she does have somewhere to live and food to eat. And she doesn’t have to sell herself to any man. But she’s not overly happy.

One day, a gentleman comes into the inn Hennie works in. He doesn’t seem like any other gentleman she’s ever met. Hennie is kind and serves him as she would any other man. But she’s in for a big surprise when she takes him to his room to rest. The “man” is none other than her missing best friend, Lottie. I loved that Lottie had come up with a respectable way to support herself. And then she went looking for Hennie to offer her the same.

Having these two women pose as men is way different than any plot of a Regency romance I’ve ever seen. I wondered how a romance would play into it, because the women weren’t telling anyone they weren’t men. The romance happened in a way I never would have expected. And I loved that.

This one had tons of twists and turns in the plot. I had no idea how things were going to work out, or at some points even if they would.

This one is such a fun regency romance! Make sure to read it!

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