The House at Rose Creek

by Jenny Proctor

The House at Rose Creek

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Deep in the rolling hills of North Carolina lay the idyllic town of Rose Creek. Home to the Walker clan for generations, the family farmhouse was the ideal place to grow up. And for Kate, orphaned at age six, the home her mother grew up in was a haven of healing and love. But as the future beckoned, Kate slowly pulled away from her family and her home, never to return. Until now.

Beautiful career woman Kate Sinclair has built a successful life for herself, even as she’s haunted by the decisions that led to her estrangement from those once so dear to her. When tragedy strikes her family, Kate realizes the time has come to return home. Awaiting her is an animosity she expected, as well as a shock she never could have anticipated: her family’s home is in danger of being destroyed.

Despite her reservations, Kate makes the decision to stay in Rose Creek for a time to help her family. As she slowly begins to reestablish her roots in the close-knit community, she finds herself increasingly attached to Andrew, a man with charm, charisma—and a secret.

And when Kate discovers the diary of an early family member who has immigrated to the United States, she finds strength in his belief in God as she explores her new relationship with Andrew and works to rebuild ties within her family. But when the pressures of the house problems and the disdain from family members gets too tough, the lure of the city calls, and Kate is forced to make an impossible decision: will she return to the life she worked so hard to build in the city or risk everything for an unknown future in Rose Creek?

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A Fabulous, Heart-Warming Read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The House at Rose Creek is as heart-warming as both the title and cover art imply. It doesn't have the artifice that many debut novels do, and at its core is a sincerity that will speak to a broad range of readers.

Woven into Kate's story is a beautiful focus on family history, and how the stories of our ancestors can touch our own lives. Normally, I find such topics a little stodgy and boring, but Proctor brings them to life in a way that feels genuine and relatable. I even got a bit misty more than once, and of the hundreds (okay, possibly thousands) of books I've read over the course of my life, only a couple dozen have managed that very difficult feat.

Although there are elements of LDS culture in this novel, I didn't find them to be exclusionary, and I believe the faith aspect of Kate's journey will appeal to people of all faiths. If readers take the time to really get to know Kate the way I did, I believe they will be touched by her authenticity, and inspired by her perseverance. Like all the best characters from all the best stories, she is deeply flawed and thoroughly human. I loved watching how she translated her struggles into personal growth.

Perhaps my favorite part of this story, though it isn't strictly speaking a "romance", is how real the love story felt to me. It wasn't a fairytale, it was gritty and believable without being overly dramatic. For me, it was the perfect balance in so many ways, and I'm already looking forward to reading it again. I highly recommend this book, and can't wait to see more from this author. I get the sense that she has many more stories for us.

Deeper, more layered story than I expected
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

**4.5 stars**

The House at Rose Creek is a well-written debut novel with a deeper, more layered story than I expected. While it was definitely a love story, the romance was not always front and center. There was a rediscovering of love of home and family as well as a developing love and respect for those who came before. In a way, there was also a retelling of romance past as the main character reads about Ian and Jennie in his journal.

I didn’t really care for Kate at first but she quickly grew on me. I could feel the connection between her and Andrew right away. Andrew was really great, but I’m glad he had a bit of a history to keep things real. The secondary characters had dimension and personality, even if I didn’t like how they reacted some of the time, but that’s what made them more realistic. The situation with Kate’s family was relatable, tense at times and not quickly or easily resolved, but efforts and progress were still made even if everything wasn’t tied up in a pretty bow at the end. There was only one part, the sudden appearance of a former love interest, that felt a bit contrived to me.

I liked how the journal of her ancestor tied into Kate’s story and inspired her, not just in her investigation into the Church but in learning more about her family history. I, too, felt inspired to delve back into my family history. I enjoyed learning about Ian and looked forward to reading each of his journal entries throughout the story.

Readers who like a story with history and a nice romance will enjoy The House at Rose Creek. The writing is clean and easy to read, effectively evoking the emotion of the scene. I hope Jenny is hard at work on her next book because I look forward to reading more from her.

Review originally published on LDS Women's Book Review -

Wonderful Read
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

After driving throughout the United States the past two weeks visiting family and some historic places, I arrived home to find my copy of "The House on Rose Creek" waiting for me. I picked it up for a glance, and simply couldn't put it down. The unpacking waited while I became absorbed in this wonderful story. It touched me on many levels and areas such as family, love, relationships, and faith. Thanks Jenny for a wonderful experience with such depth and feeling.

About the Author

Jenny Proctor

Jenny Proctor writes from her home in the mountains of western North Carolina. She loves being a mom to six kids, loves being a writer, and loves being a Mormon in the South.

Jenny is convinced the four basic food groups should be fruit, bread, cheese, and chocolate, and she consumes plenty of each—quite often together. When she isn’t writing, Jenny likes to run, swim, and bike (because it balances out the bread, cheese, and chocolate).

Her first novel, The House at Rose Creek, was inspired by discoveries she made in her own family history. She has always felt strongly about the importance of family history work and has experienced firsthand the joy that such research can bring. To learn more about Jenny, visit her website at

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