How Americans View Mormonism: Seven Steps to Improve Our Image

by Gary C. Lawrence

How americans view mormonism

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“Gary Lawrence's fascinating and often startling analysis of how others perceive us and what we can do about it is a must read for every member of the LDS Church.” — Kieth Merrill

“If you have ever wished you knew better ways of talking about your faith with your friends, you will find what you need here.” — Dr. Richard L. Bushman

“No one uses the methods of research to dig into these problems better than Gary.” — U.S. Senator Robert F. Bennett

“Lawrence's work is path-breaking and crucial to the next generation of American political and religious discourse."” — Hugh Hewitt

From the results of an extensive national survey about Mormonism, pollster Gary Lawrence maintains that the misconceptions, distortions, and untruths being told about Mormons have slowed the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that the average member is best positioned to turn things around. Simple ignorance is often blamed from Mormonism's negative image, but Lawrence concludes it is also driven by fear — fear of a supposed political agenda, wealth, organizational ability, unwavering doctrine, and a unique vocabulary that is often misunderstood. He explains that individual members in their daily interactions with others are the key, and that. . .

  • friendly and natural conversations
  • the facts
  • simple claims
  • individual latitude
  • non-threatening invitations
  • gentle mentoring

. . . are the ways Mormons can combat distortions, improve their image, and spread the gospel.

About the Author

Gary C. Lawrence

GARY LAWRENCE received a B.A. from BYU and a Ph.D. from Stanford. He served a mission to Germany, has been a bishop, early morning seminary teacher, member of various Church task forces, and is a temple ordinance worker. He and his wife Jan reside in Orange County, California. They are parents of four children and have five grandchildren.

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