Howard W. Hunter: Man of Thought and Independence, Prophet of God

by Francis M. Gibbons

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President Howard W. Hunter was unique among his peers as President of the Church. Not only was he, to date, the only lawyer to have filled that position, his early life differed from presidents in recent memory as well. Raised in a part-member home, he carried with him throughout his long service to the Church as an Apostle and as President of the Church a keen awareness of an empathy for those who come to the gospel through conversion.

In Howard W. Hunter: Man of Thought and Independence, Prophet of God, author Francis M. Gibbons shows us the varied facets of President Hunter's personality. From his teenage tour of the Orient with his swing band, Hunter's Croonaders, to his family's struggles to make ends meet through the Great Depression, and his subsequent education and career as a lawyer, we see various qualities develop in him that would mark his tenure as President of the Church: Hard work, ingenuity, and empathy for his fellow Saints. While he did not serve as President for long, his service as President was epitomized by those traits — a willingness to do what the Lord wanted of him, an increased focus on the blessings not only of the temple, but of being temple-worthy, whether or not a member lived close enough to attend, and a love for the Saint in every land.

Howard W. Hunter: Man of Thought and Independence, Prophet of God gives us a clear view of both the struggles and the successes that made President Hunter a beloved example to the Latter-day Saints.


  1. The Awakening — Tracing Ancestral Roots
  2. The Boise Years — Family Ties
  3. Growing in a New Place
  4. A Wife and a New Life
  5. New Horizons — The University
  6. Full Steam Ahead
  7. An Interval of Peace
  8. President of the Pasadena Stake
  9. Call to the Quorum of the Twelve
  10. Variety in Apostolic Service
  11. The Imperious Mandate
  12. The Razor's Edge
  13. President of the Twelve
  14. President of the Church
  15. Sources

About the Author

Francis M. Gibbons

Francis M. Gibbons has made a lifelong study of the presidents of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. A native of St. John, Arizona, he holds degrees from Stanford and the University of Utah. He practiced law for eighteen years in Salt Lake City and served for sixteen years as secretary to the First Presidency of the Church. He has served in both the First and Second Quorums of the Seventy and as area president for Brazil. He has held numerous other callings in the Church, including bishop, high councilor, stake president, and patriarch.

He shares his interest in writing with his wife, Helen Bay Gibbons, who is also an accomplished writer.

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