Huntington Family Series Bundle

by Rachel Ann Nunes

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Product Description

Winter Fire

Fourth-grade schoolteacher Amanda Huntington said good-bye to her high school sweetheart when she realized he had fallen in love with someone else. Now, a year later, she wonders if she'll spend the rest of her life alone.

Then she meets Blake Simmons, and Amanda finds her life turned upside down. Blake doesn't seem like the knight in shining armor she always imagined. With two adorable children in his care, he is locked in an ugly battle of wills with their troubled mother. And he worries that the children he has come to love will be lost to him forever.

Will Amanda's relationship with Blake and the children only cause her more heartache? Or does she need him just as much as he needs her?

Chasing Yesterday

Tyler Huntington had always thought of Savvy as his best friend, someone who would always be there for him- until she wasn't. Now, years later, he wonders if it's too late. But Savvy's life has taken a bizarre turn with the unexpected arrival of a wild-looking teenager who claims to be her half-sister. As Savvy tries to unravel the mystery of the girl's past, Tyler's sudden appearance seems like an answer to a prayer. Emotionally drained and physically exhausted, Savvy needs a friend. At the same time, she's wary of putting her heart at risk. Is revisiting the past the only way for Savvy to find her future?

By Morning Light

Can a heart, once broken, heal enough to love again?

Kerrianne Huntington's perfect life was shattered one seemingly ordinary morning when her husband was killed in a car accident. Now, four years later, she still struggles with picking up the pieces. Being a single mother of three active children keeps her plenty busy, but she can't help the loneliness that tears at her heart.

Then, on an other ordinary day, she discovers Ryan Oakman, a widower with two children of his own. Ryan has many talents, including making Kerrianne's hands suddenly develop ten thumbs, and he never fails to catch her at the most embarrassing moments. For years Ryan has delivered her mail and has been an unwitting guardian of her sanity; now his new involvement in her life forces her to look beyond her loss toward a future she hadn't considered possible. Can a woman love a man with the same heart that still mourns another? Or does she have to choose?

By Morning Light is a poignant, often humorous tale of love and friendship that opens a world we are rarely able experience so intimately. A thoroughly satisfying addition to the Huntington family novels, it can be read alone or enjoyed as part of the larger family saga.

No Longer Strangers

Sometimes letting go is the only way to really hold on tight.

When zoologist Mitch Huntington agreed to be named in his best friends' will as guardian to their daughter, Emily Jane, he was sure it meant nothing more than pony rides, presents on birthdays, and an occasional day at the circus. Instead he finds himself up to his elbows in diapers and soggy oatmeal. While Mitch soon discovers that animal care and baby care are not the same thing, he quickly becomes totally devoted to the adorable little girl.

But Cory Steele, Emily Jane's estranged aunt, will stop at nothing to rescue her niece from the clutches of this single Mormon man, even if it means pretending to join his strange church in order to gain his trust... and seize custody of the baby.

Is Cory deceiving herself as much as she's trying to deceive Mitch? What's really in her heart? And what's best for Emily Jane?

About the Author

Rachel Ann Nunes

Rachel Ann Nunes (pronounced noon-sh) learned to read when she was four, beginning a lifelong fascination with the written word. She began writing in the seventh grade and is now the author of more than thirty published books, including the popular Ariana series and the award-winning picture book Daughter of a King.

Rachel and her husband, TJ, have seven children. She loves camping with her family, traveling, meeting new people, and, of course, writing. She writes Monday through Friday in her home office, taking frequent breaks to take care of kids or go swimming with them.

Rachel loves hearing from her readers. You can write to her at To enjoy her monthly newsletter or to sign up to hear about new releases, visit her website,

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