I Forgave You Yesterday

by James Skeen

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Through His Atonement, Jesus promises us hope, peace, and healing—yet many of us struggle with recurring regrets or anxieties about the future. In his service as a bishop and a professional counselor, James Skeen has seen this repeatedly. In this much-needed book, he draws on gospel principles and professional practices to remind each of us that when we center our lives on Christ, He can make us whole now.

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Size9 x 6
PublishedCedar Fort 2018

About the Author

James Skeen

If you asked James Skeen what his long-term goal is, he would tell you it is the reconciliation of the family of man. James has degrees in economics and marketing and a master’s in behavioral science counseling. He is a licensed professional counselor and has served as a bishop and a seminary teacher for many years. For James, the concept of I Forgave You Yesterday became reality while hiking and camping alone in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the summer of 2010. It may have been the clear air, the night sky, or the smell of earth that helped him see the human struggle more clearly than he had ever seen it before, but as James drove home from his wilderness experience, he knew that Christ’s Atonement was more than just a reaction to sin—it was the way to being present in life again and becoming whole now. James has been married to his wife, Brenda, for thirty-three years. They have three kids and live in Loveland, Colorado. He still loves to hike in the Rocky Mountains with his llamas and is grateful for the blessing of family, friends, and the gospel every day.

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Life-Changing--More than Worth the Money and Time
By , Submitted on 2019-01-04

I think God inspired James Skeen to write "I Forgave You Yesterday: Receiving Christ's Atonement Daily" so I could read it. I live east of the Mississippi, so I would likely never have been blessed by Skeen's faith-filled-but-feet-on-the-ground views for striving Latter-day Saints if he hadn't written them down (with ghost-writing help from Laura Hilton, if I understood the dedication correctly).

I won't list the parts that touched me--I'd end up copying out the whole book. I'll just say I had one of the most fruitful discussions of my life in its margins; I underlined and/or wrote on virtually every page. I didn't always agree with Skeen, but he always challenged me at the deepest levels.

This is a truly precious book to me, beyond even M. Scott Peck's 1978 classic, "The Road Less Traveled" (which is really saying something--I loved that book). I expect/hope that the echoes of "I Forgave You Yesterday" will reverberate through my life forever. Many, many thanks, Mr. Skeen (and Ms. Hilton).

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