In His Hands: Insights from Women

by Compilation

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One of the greatest reassurances we receive when we embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ is to know that whatever happens to us in this life, we are in His hands. He knows us, each one of us, by name. He is aware of the circumstances of our lives. He stands ready to help us do things we thought we couldn't do.

In this uplifting collection, twenty-two Latter-day Saint Women share stories and insights illuminating what it means to place ourselves in the Lord's hands. As we learn to trust Him and to commune with Him in prayers, we receive guidance for our own discipleship and inspiration about how to serve. The fruits of love and peace will follow.

Sprinkled with inspirational photography, each of these brief, heart-touching messages is a moving reminder that we are not alone. We are continually in His hands.

Insights on trust, peace, prayer, and more, from:

  • Jenny Oaks Baker
  • Kris Belcher
  • Mary Cook
  • Laurel C. Day
  • Mary Ellen Edmunds
  • Emily Freeman
  • Jane Clayson Johnson
  • Mariama Kallon
  • Ardeth Kapp
  • Chieko Okazaki
  • Camille Fronk Olson
  • Virginia H. Pearce
  • Whitney Permann
  • Carolyn J. Rasmus
  • Macy Robison
  • Heidi Swinton
  • Barbara Thompson
  • Sandra Turley
  • Wendy Ulrich
  • Emily Watts
  • Hilary Weeks
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    Every woman needs to read this book!
    By , Submitted on 2015-10-15

    This book is FABULOUS!
    The stories are TRUE and HEART-FELT
    You will feel of the love permeating this book!
    From these pages you will start to ponder all the ways that you too were IN HIS HANDS.

    Every woman needs to read this book!
    I SO HIGHLY recommend it!

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