Ites Learning Cards

by David Butler

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David Butler

David Butler is by day a religious educator sharing his fierce love for the scriptures with anyone willing to listen. By night he is a fort builder, waffle maker, sports coach, and storyteller for his six darling kids. Somewhere in between, he is a motivational speaker and writer. He loves, loves, loves good food, spontaneous adventures, Christmas morning, the first day of summer, and every other day of summer. Above all he loves people. He has chosen as his life motto, "Stuff no mattah. People mattah." He and his adorable wife Jenny, live with their family amid the snowcapped peaks of the Mountain West, but they often dream of a beach house on a sunny shore somewhere.

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Fun Little Extra
By , Submitted on 2015-07-23

We bought the whole Ites set not knowing much about these, so I thought I'd leave some input for the next person. We haven't used the cards in a way that has made them vital, but they are an attractive looking hands-on. For the most part, they have been looked through a few times and put aside, but then again, we are only a couple months in studying the book (one lesson a week), so they aren't able to be used for much review yet. I still rate them high because I think someone could use them well as flashcards or for a game, and they are made well. They have facts about the "character" on the back, and a picture on the front, and are a colorful smooth glossy cardstock. They are similar to playing cards in size.

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