J. Golden

by James Arrington

J. Golden

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J. Golden Kimball…the very name conjures up salty anecdotes and humorous stories. His straight talk and colorful language have led some to call him the Mormon Mark Twain or Will Rogers. Drawing heavily from the diaries, letters, and speeches of J. Golden Kimball, James Arrington has created a masterful look into the life of this unique LDS leader who has inspired (and entertained) countless Saints throughout the years. J. Golden built faith and hope in the early Saints as he taught them that if he could make it, there was a chance for anybody! As he once stated, "I may not have walked the straight and narrow, but I crossed it as often as I could!" The legendary wit, humor, and warmth of J. Golden are brought to life through Dalin Christiansen’s powerful portrayal of this true LDS folk hero. This one-man show is an hour of entertainment and inspiration you won’t want to miss!

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