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This acclaimed film is based on the historical record of the friendship between Jane Manning, one of the first black members of the Church, and Emma Smith, wife of the Prophet Joseph. Told in the wake of Joseph Smith's assassination, Jane and Emma explores the profound relationship between these two great women and the strength and unity they find together during troubling times.
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Jane and Emma review
By , Submitted on 2018-12-31

My wife and I were thoroughly captivated by Jane and Emma. This is a story that neither of us had heard. Both actresses were superb in their roles and the story really broadened our perspective on early Church history. I was not surprised by the elements of prejudice portrayed in the story, since the fact that we're dealing with an LDS city and culture doesn't negate the reality of systemic prejudice that was often the norm during that time in our country's history. I would recommend the movie to anyone with that caveat... understand that people have prejudices regardless of their religion. Isn't that one of the things that Jesus tried to teach us to do; to overcome our prejudices and to love one another? God bless Jane Manning!

A must see!
By , Submitted on 2018-12-24

I took my 18 yr old to see this after following posts on Facebook by the producers throughout their filming process. Having spent much time in Nauvoo I am always interested in learning more about the people that lived and interacted with the Smiths. I’m also grateful that we are able to have open and honest discussions about the uncomfortable history. I was impressed at how deeply you could feel the message the actors were trying to portray. At times it felt raw. Emotions run deep. Although this is subject to interpretation I felt Emma’s loss to be realistic and Jane’s faith to be inspiring. Yes it is a little dark, this will not be like any other movie you will have watched portraying Church History. It is not for young children. It will open the doors for a conversation - and one I love having with those I know who have seen it. Powerful & moving.

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