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I love the book Tyler Whitesides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By , Submitted on 2019-08-06

It’s so good

one of my favorite books in the series!
By , Submitted on 2019-05-19

I love this book!
when I was younger I read all of them and this was my favorite!

Janitors Are Amazing People, My 10 year-old says
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Ever have a hard time finding that perfect book to hold your child's interest? Well Tyler Whitesides has written 3 marvelous stories that you child will devour!
First off, I must share that my daughter says, "Magical creatures are awesome!"
She also loved that the kids in the stories have special tools--janitor tools that are magic, including glop. I think that sounds fantastic! She said it is a good book for kids because the janitors preserve education--evil creatures try to take it away! I love it when my kids can grasp a take-away from a book like that.

Last year, we purchased Janitors, Book 1 for my daughter's 4th grade teacher and she read it to the class. According to report, the kids begged the teacher to keep reading every day. They LOVED Janitors by Tyler Whitesides!

The latest book is here and the cover had my kids ogling over it for a good long time. Tyler Whitesides is a phenom children's author with a clean writing style that lends easily to a fantastical world full of heroic janitors who conquer evil. You'll never look at a mop in the same way!
I witnessed my daughter (5th grader now) read this book for an hour and a half straight. She took every opportunity to finish the captivating story.

I never knew garbage could be this much fun!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Whitesides has done it again. Curse of the Broomstaff is another creative, delightful read with plenty of excitement and new characters. The way the author takes janitorial supplies and turns them into different types of tools makes for fun reading. Windex turns things into glass, orange cleaning spray heals, and the razorblade that turns into a sword are just a few of the new items seen in book 3. Bernard Weizmann makes an appearance as a garbologist, someone who reads trash the way a dog reads scents with his nose. And who would have expected a garbage truck as a getaway vehicle. With enough fight scenes to satisfy even the most demanding reader, the book moves at a brisk pace as Spencer and his father, Walter, Daisy, Penny, and Bernard set off to locate the other Aurans and hopefully discover the source of all Glop. It turns out that Toxites (which suck up children's brainwaves) come directly from Glop and if the source can be destroyed maybe Toxites can be too. But what will happen if the Aurans don't want the Glop destroyed? And can Spencer and the others take on the new extension toxites and their riders, called Pluggers? A wonderful addition to the series, sure to be popular where middle grade fantasy is enjoyed.

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This series just continues to AMAZE and IMPRESS me!

What a FUN, FUN story line!
Wonderful use of GARBAGE! How many books can claim that :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE this series!

Spencer, Daisy and the team of rebels have found the "package."

Now they must come together and seek out the source of the magical Glop and destroy it.

Join them on their wild and dangerous journey as they follow lead after lead and clue after clue.

Sometimes they will get stuck and have to use those wonderful janitorial supplies.

And along the way Spenser will have to face the "curse of the broomstaff."



Fast paced adventure
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is book 3 in the series and the only one that I have read. I expect that if you had read the firsts two books it would be better, but I was able to understand the book by itself.
I have to agree with the author that this is a very trashy book. It deals with a dump truck, part of it is in a landfill even one of the good guys likes to dive into trash cans. This setting is gross I am glad that this book does not smell. Kids probably have more fun with the settings. Like food fight, getting flushed down a toilet and dump with trash monsters.
Besides the yuck factors you smile a lot while reading the Broomstaff.

The characters are well written. Makes you want to root for them to save education. Spencer and Daisy are in elementary school. They leave school because Spencer saw a vision and he needs to let his father know. They are caught and are suspended for the rest of the month.
They are part of rebels to help save education from toxites who make children fall asleep in school, and not want to learn.
Their are wizards, some good some bad. Their weapons are janitors items that have been magic, like brooms, plungers and air freshners.

The book is full of action, fights with different creatures, using magic. Lots of good and bad. Some you are not sure who to trust. It is a fun book to read. Fast paced never dull. It also has some good messages in it.
I would read the next book in the series or even catch up on the two that came before.
I was given this ebook and asked to give honest review of by NetGalley and Shadow Mountain Publishing.

09/10/2013 Pub. Shadow Mountain Publishing 360 pages ISBN: 9781609076054

Love the way this author writes!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Oh my gosh! I love the way Tyler Whitesides writes. This book drew me in from the very first page and I didn't want to put it down! I love the way the story is action packed from one crazy situation to the next. I love that Spencer and Daisy are the heroes, even though there are capable adults around, they are the ones that come out on top. I love the crazy fantasy world that Tyler Whitesides has created. The mythical characters are amazing. I'm really glad that the ending of this book leaves you hanging, yeah for more Janitor's books! This series is written for middle grade kids, but even adults will enjoy this action packed series.

Super fun read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Definitely the best Janitors yet! The writing is just getting better and I think that now that the characters have been established they are becoming more deep and complex and fun. I think what I like most about these books is the insane imagination put into them. Plungers, broomsticks, air freshener, even Windex all become magical! I especially liked that Windex-it can turn things into glass! There's characters who LOVE garbage and get stoked about landfills. There's witches and warlocks and evil organizations. I think that kids are going to eat this story up! And maybe take out the trash! ;)

Lots of fun.....and garbage!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I really enjoyed this book. It is my favorite of the series. I liked how the Rebels followed the clues and how all the clues together played a part in them getting into the landfill. I thought Spencer's character grew a lot in this book, which was fun to watch. I always love Daisy's antics, and I love Penny. I also thought Barnard was a fun addition to the Rebels. I thought the creatures in the landfill were very creative and added some fun, and some not so fun, twists to the story line. I'm still not sure about the Aurans....are they good? Are they bad? I did not like the Pluggers, and I definitely do not want to meet one of those. Ever. I loved the new glopified weapons introduced in this book, and I would love to have one of those brooms. I went into this book thinking it would be the last in the series, but now.....there better be at least one more! This book is clean except for the characters fighting the BEM and the toxites. I recommend it for third grade and up. My boys are in sixth and fifth grades and love this series. You may read my full review on my book blog: