Janitors, Book 3: The Curse of the Broomstaff

by Tyler Whitesides

Janitors, Book 3: The Curse of the Broomstaff

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A secret society of Janitors with wizard-like powers continue their battle, and now, the stakes are even higher.

The Bureau of Educational Maintenance is after Alan Zumbro and this time they mean business—deadly business. Spencer, Daisy, and their little team of rebels must find the source of all magical Glop and destroy it before it can destroy the world as we know it. No small task with the BEM and their monster toxites at their heels. It’s a wild and dangerous ride as they follow the trail of clues all the way to the hiding place of the mysterious aurans: guardians of a secret landfill. What they discover there will change the way Spencer sees himself, not to mention the fate of the rebels.

Praise for the Janitors series:

“An enormously entertaining book.” —Orson Scott Card

“Spins plenty of action . . . an entertaining ruckus.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Action-packed and surprising! Readers will become convinced of the value of telling the truth, while having a lot of fun along the way.” —Publishers Weekly

“Entertaining . . . with plenty of twists and turns.”—Brandon Mull, author of Fablehaven and Beyonders series

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Lots of fun.....and garbage!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I really enjoyed this book. It is my favorite of the series. I liked how the Rebels followed the clues and how all the clues together played a part in them getting into the landfill. I thought Spencer's character grew a lot in this book, which was fun to watch. I always love Daisy's antics, and I love Penny. I also thought Barnard was a fun addition to the Rebels. I thought the creatures in the landfill were very creative and added some fun, and some not so fun, twists to the story line. I'm still not sure about the Aurans....are they good? Are they bad? I did not like the Pluggers, and I definitely do not want to meet one of those. Ever. I loved the new glopified weapons introduced in this book, and I would love to have one of those brooms. I went into this book thinking it would be the last in the series, but now.....there better be at least one more! This book is clean except for the characters fighting the BEM and the toxites. I recommend it for third grade and up. My boys are in sixth and fifth grades and love this series. You may read my full review on my book blog: www.the-readathon.blogspot.com.

Super fun read!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Definitely the best Janitors yet! The writing is just getting better and I think that now that the characters have been established they are becoming more deep and complex and fun. I think what I like most about these books is the insane imagination put into them. Plungers, broomsticks, air freshener, even Windex all become magical! I especially liked that Windex-it can turn things into glass! There's characters who LOVE garbage and get stoked about landfills. There's witches and warlocks and evil organizations. I think that kids are going to eat this story up! And maybe take out the trash! ;)

Love the way this author writes!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Oh my gosh! I love the way Tyler Whitesides writes. This book drew me in from the very first page and I didn't want to put it down! I love the way the story is action packed from one crazy situation to the next. I love that Spencer and Daisy are the heroes, even though there are capable adults around, they are the ones that come out on top. I love the crazy fantasy world that Tyler Whitesides has created. The mythical characters are amazing. I'm really glad that the ending of this book leaves you hanging, yeah for more Janitor's books! This series is written for middle grade kids, but even adults will enjoy this action packed series.

About the Author

Tyler Whitesides

TYLER WHITESIDES worked as a janitor at a middle school while attending college. It was there he discovered the many secrets and mysteries that can be hidden in a dusty school. Tyler graduated from Utah State University with a degree in music. He enjoys fly fishing in the mountains, cooking, and vacuuming. Tyler and his wife, Connie, live in beautiful northern Utah.

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