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Wonderful insight in the Life of the Savior
By , Submitted on 2019-02-28

Love all of Truman G. Madsen work in cluding this one. Downloaded the audiobook and everything worked great. Listen to him to and from work so get about an hour and a half of instruction per day. Great way to start and end the day.

Jesus of Nazareth
By , Submitted on 2016-09-12

I am teaching early morning seminary (New Testament) this year and have found this collection a treasure and an inspiration! Although I have studied the NT many times and taught it in Gospel Doctrine and have read and reread Jesus the Christ, I have learned so much from Truman Madsen about the NT context (geographical, cultural, doctrinal) and have gained insight into many of its teachings. The work is a true spiritual feast that has helped me deepen my faith in and testimony of the Savior and His great love for us. (And it offers a great spiritual and intellectual background for the seminary teacher!)
For me, a book lover, my obstacle was how to "study" an ebook. I am so thankful that I didn't let this stop me. It turns out that the format is less problematic than I thought. Each topic is "taught" in groups of 4-5 tracks, and I found it helpful to jot down the topic and its track numbers and note which track contains the specific details I want to call up again or review. Since I listen on my iphone, I also type my own thoughts or important points on my notepad.
Don't let anything keep you from benefiting from this inspiring work, which is for all those who are searching to become closer to the Savior, learn more of him, and better understand the New Testament!

"Jesus of Nazareth, Vols. 1-4" -- Book on Tape MP3 download
By , Submitted on 2015-08-06

This is a marvelous book. Truman Madsen is wonderful to listen to and adds so much extra detail to the narrative. I have really enjoyed listening it this book on tape. I added great insight into the ministry of Christ. It is much better to hear him talk than to read his words in a book! I highly recommend this audio book. But, see my continuing review for a serious warning!

I gave it only three stars, not because the book isn't good, but because the MP3 download through Deseret Bookshelf is not useful at all. It downloaded as soon as I paid for the book. But, It came without any artwork on the cover. There was only a string of 96 tracks with only track numbers. There were no chapter headings. It did play, but was not easy to use. I immediately opened a chat session with Deseret Book and was told that I had to send an email to their support team to get this fixed. So I did. I got an automatic return reply that they received my email and assigned a case number. It has been a week now. I have sent four additional emails and each time with more information for them and got the same auto-reply confirmation, but no actual reply by email or phone. I saw a "fix" posted on the books on tape support page with a suggestion to download the book on tape to my iMac and import it into iTunes and then sync it to my iPhone. So I did that last night. It came down to my iMac in ten discs with from nine to twelve track per disc. No artwork and no chapter info. So I copied and pasted into iTunes the artwork from Deseret Books website onto each disc. Then I listened to the tracks and found by trial and error which tracks were the start of a new chapter and then using "Get Info" on that track added the name of the chapter to the track description. Then I moved the whole collection into a play list, making a playlist folder and adding the tracks for each chapter into a sub-playlist. So now after several hours of fairly intensive work on my computer I have 13 playlists in the folder, one for each chapter with the title of each. I was able to sync it to my iPhone 6 and so now I can listen to it as I walk.

Next time it would pay to order the CDROM version (at about twice the price) which will come correctly formatted with the artwork and chapter headings and the CDROMs can be added to iTunes and synced to the iPhone. It will take them two or three days to ship the CDROM and you will probably pay for the shipping. But you will receive a finished product. The MP3 download is not a finished product. I suspect that many will not have the computer skills to do the above. This is the first time I have tried an MP3 download of an entire book. Probably will be my last unless they can fix their system! I can't afford the time to finish their job again.

Deseret Book needs to get it's act together. I'm still waiting for a reply to my case number, after a week. Guess I'll try to call them again today. All I can say, after being a Deseret Book Platinum member for many years, I am not a happy customer. This is the first "bad" review I have given them. Sorry Truman Madsen, it's not your fault! All I can say at this point is "buyer be ware".

By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Very informative. I love listening to Truman Madsen, and he truly offers a perspective of the life of Christ that insipres and strengthens testimonies