Jingles 3

by Voice Male

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Full of traditional Christmas carols that speak to the true meaning of Christmas mixed with Voice Male's trademark sense of humor. Jingles 3 is the perfect companion to celebrate Christmas this season.

About the Author

Voice Male

Voice Male is comprised of 6 unique individuals who somehow found each other over 18 years ago. John Luthy came up with the Voice Male concept while singing with some of the guys in the Logan LDS Institute Choir. Initially it took nine of them to cover all the parts, but a couple of years later they decided they no longer needed the nose flute player, the cowbell ringer, and the guy who claps, so they trimmed themselves down to just 6. Actually, some members had to move on and be grown-ups, so they decided to give it a go with just 6.

Over the years, they have had some pretty cool opportunities to sing in exotic locations (San Pete County) and for some pretty great people (their moms). Considering this is not their day job, they are lucky to pull together and accomplish anything at this point. They all graduated into careers ranging from Computer Networking (Nerd) to Real Estate to Law. When they are not working or singing, they are enjoying time with their supportive wives and children. The latest tally: 23 children who like to call each other Voice Male Cousins. As families grow, hair thins, and hips break, they hope to keep chuggin' along. As long as you'll keep listening, they'll keep singing.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I really enjoy this CD. Their harmony is amazing! I think its a must have for everyone!

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