Jordi Temple Bag

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Jordi cream temple tote

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Classy and refined, these stunning temple bags offer a roomy interior with plenty of pockets and compartments to provide handy storage for temple slippers, keys, temple recommends, and other personal belongings. When hung and opened, either of these beautiful bags forms a convenient shelf — each can also open flat for easy packing. With double shoulder straps and at just the right size to easily fit into lockers and suitcases, one of these bags would also make an ideal carry-on.

Perfect for the fashionable but value-conscious woman, the black bag features a rich leather-like finish. The beige bag is constructed of stylishly patterned jacquard and reinforced with faux leather. accents. Dimensions: 14½" x 16" x 6½"

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By , Submitted on 2017-03-30

I got endowed about two months ago, so this is the first temple bag I have ever purchased. It fits all my stuff very well, and it's so cute! However, I'm pretty annoyed with this bag because the handles on the zippers have broken. I can still open and close my bag, but the metal part that you grab on to snapped in half on both zippers, leaving jagged edges. This wasn't after vigorous pulling or anything either! This is not a bag that's sixty dollars worth of quality, so I feel ripped off.

Jordi Temple Bag
By , Submitted on 2017-02-02

Really like the design & color of this bag. It has a good amount of room, even for sturdy white temple shoes. There are lots of compartments for arranging clothing items separately & then loads of large 7 small pockets for earrings, spare change in case I need to rent a forgotten item or go to lunch, comb, stockings, family name cards, etc.. There's even a small outside pocket convenient for a recommend. The only problem is the faux leather - it's already cracking & breaking in the handles. Living in Utah, I am lucky to be able to use it frequently. Still, it's treated with the utmost respect & care & I hoped it would last a decade or more.

Love and Hate this bag
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I love this bag, I really do. It fits all my temple stuff perfect. My huge complaint with the bag is IT SMELLS! After getting it, I put all my stuff in it and thought nothing of it. It was a while before I got to actually use it, about a month. When I took my clothes out to put them on I was floored at the nasty smell of all my things. It smells like someone sat there putting it together while smoking, and rubbing their ashes into the fabric. Which made all of my temple clothing smell like I had just smoked a carton of cigarettes. Coming from an ex smoker, the smell just about knocked me over. I don't know if I was just the lucky one who got the pick of the draw, but I'm not happy that I can't return it anymore and now am stuck with a bag that I won't even use because I haven't been able to get the smell out. I have tried fabreeze and baking powder....and nothing has worked.

Will have this bag forever
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

This is definitely a bag that you can have forever. Sturdy and plenty of room for everything. I have both slippers and hard-soled shoes that fit in the shoe compartments. Great place for dress so it doesn't get as wrinkled with other bags. A great buy, worth the price since you'll never have to buy another temple bag again. Recommend pocket in front, pockets to hold keys, mints or other personal items inside. Would buy again if I had to do it over!

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