Joseph and Hyrum: Leading As One

Joseph and Hyrum: Leading As One

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What can we discover about leadership from Joseph and\r\rHyrum as they worked together organizing and operating\r\rthe Church? This book grew out of a conference of experts in\r\rleadership and Church history that explored the friendship\r\rof Joseph and Hyrum and the leadership traits of these\r\rremarkable and influential men.

  • Explores the close friendship of Joseph and Hyrum\r\rand Hyrum_ã_s role in providing counsel, support, and\r\rleadership.
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  • Provides insights from historians and experts on leadership\r\rabout how Joseph and Hyrum worked, how they led, and\r\rhow they encouraged, supported, and sustained others.
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  • Identifies lessons from their lives and teachings that will\r\rtransform our personal perspective of leadership.
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  • Includes photographs.
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  • Pays tribute to Joseph and Hyrum — and challenges us to\r\rbe more edifying leaders in our homes, our Church service,\r\rand our professional lives.


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