Joseph Smith and the Church in Ohio: Articles from BYU Studies

by Various authors, BYU Studies

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Product Description

This compilation of groundbreaking articles about Joseph Smith is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles on Kirtland, the chronology of the Ohio revelations, the Book of Commandments and Revelations, the United Firm, the Kirtland Temple, Mormon political involvement in Ohio, and more.


  • “Kirtland: A Perspective on Time and Place” by Robert L. Layton
  • “From Manuscript to Printed Page: An Analysis of the History of the Book of Commandments and Revelations” by Robin Scott Jensen
  • “Joseph Smith and the United Firm: The Growth and Decline of the Church’s First Master Plan of Business and Finance, Ohio and Missouri, 1832–1834” by Max H Parkin
  • “Newel and Lydia Bailey Knight’s Kirtland Love Story and Historic Wedding” by William G. Hartley
  • “Joseph Smith’s Performance of Marriages in Ohio” by M. Scott Bradshaw
  • “An Introduction to the Kirtland Flats Ashery” by Benjamin C. Pykles
  • “Sweet Counsel and Seas of Tribulation: The Religious Life of the Women in Kirtland” by Linda King Newell and Valeen Tippetts Avery
  • “The Appearance of Elijah and Moses in the Kirtland Temple and the Jewish Passover” by Stephen D. Ricks
  • “The Apostle Peter and the Kirtland Temple” by Lyndon Cook
  • “Joseph Smith and the 1834 D. P. Hurlbut Case” by David W. Grua
  • “Mormon Political Involvement in Ohio” by Max H Parkin
  • “The Waning of Mormon Kirtland” by Davis Bitton

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