Joseph Smith and Comparative Theology

by BYU Studies

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"This compilation of groundbreaking articles comparing Joseph Smith’s theology with the views of other religions and individuals is selected from over fifty years of LDS scholarship published by BYU Studies. This volume features articles on the Shakers, the making of a global religion, the problem of evil, the corporeality of God, Søren Kierkegaard, open and relational theology, preexilic Israelite religion, Calvinism, Catholic liturgy, divine embodiment, and more.


“Joseph Smith Challenges the Theological World” by David Paulsen
“Joseph Smith's Christology: After Two Hundred Years” by Robert L. Millet
“Early Mormon and Shaker Visions of Sanctified Community” by J. Spencer Fluhman
“Joseph Smith and the Problem of Evil” by David L. Paulsen
“What Does It Mean to Be a Christian? The Views of Joseph Smith and Søren Kierkegaard” by David Paulsen
“‘Is Mormonism Christian?’ Reflections on a Complicated Question” by Jan Shipps
“Open and Relational Theology: An Evangelical in Dialogue with a Latter-day Saint” by Clark H. Pinnock and David Paulsen
“Joseph Smith and Preexilic Israelite Religion” by Margaret Barker
“Joseph Smith Encounters Calvinism” by Robert L. Millet
“A New Pneumatology: Comparing Joseph Smith’s Doctrine of the Spirit with His Contemporaries and the Bible” by Lynne Hilton Wilson
“The Catholic Liturgy and the Mormon Temple” by Marcus von Wellnitz
“The Doctrine of Divine Embodiment: Restoration, Judeo-Christian, and Philosophical Perspectives” by David Paulsen
“Conversation in Nauvoo about the Corporeality of God” by Jacob Neusner
“What Does God Think about America? Some Challenges for Evangelicals and Mormons” by Richard J. Mouw
“Joseph Smith and the Making of a Global Religion” by Jan Shipps
“Joseph Smith and Modern Mormonism: Orthodoxy, Neoorthodoxy, Tension, and Tradition” by Robert L. Millet
Review of The Theological Foundations of the Mormon Religion by Sterling M. McMurrin, reviewed by Truman G. Madsen
Review of Beyond Human Nature: The Contemporary Debate over Moral Natural Law by Louis Midgley, reviewed by Dante Germino
Review of Jesus Was Not a Unitarian by Sir Anthony Buzzard, reviewed by David Paulsen, Jacob Hawken, and Michael Hansen"

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