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A Valuable Resource on Joseph Smith the Prophet
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Get to know the Prophet Joseph as you learn from original documents the extra details of his life, His many hardships as he faithfully followed the Lord to bring about the foundation of the Kingdom in the latter-days. Every episode will have its "I didn't know that," moments. A treasure that lets you see the faith and devotion to divine duty as the life of Joseph Smith is reviewed by Members of the Church History Department. This is a wonderful resource.

Highly informative, but disappointing in sound quality and international scope
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I was looking forward to viewing this DVD series, the original TV documentary not being available for European audiences at the time of broadcasting. The content of the discs is exciting and informative, a treasure trove of facts allowing an intimate look over the shoulders of the privileged scholars working on the unprecedented JS Papers project, as well as providing an excellent review and summary of Joseph Smith and Restoration-related facts. However, the product has two significant defects: firstly, the sound quality is horrendous and widely inconsistent. For a product of this prize and relevance to a monumental work of scholarship, one would expect the soundtrack to match the visual content. Unfortunately, some of the interviews are unbearable to watch, even with the TV volume set to max levels! Second, the worlwide potential audience is ignored once again. If subtitles had been included in the program, it would have made for a great teaching tool. Sadly, Deseret Book still seems oblivious to the globalised markets and international Church setting in which we live. Making the DVD set viewable in All DVD zones is not enough. This content will benefit members and non members all over the world. Give localization a chance!

You need this DVD but may not know it yet
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

The Joseph Smith Papers books are a bit intimidating to me, but the stories and background that the scholars find in the documents are brought to life in this DVD set. Each segment focuses on a certain aspect of church history and would be very easy to use in a classroom. I've grown up in the church but learned a lot more details about the first vision and the early days of the church.I would definately watch this again and recommend it especially to others who aren't that interested in reading a lot about church history.