Journey Home

by Jennie Hansen

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Product Description

Gifted photographer Allen James has just completed a photo assignment in Alaska when a dying man asks him to get his daughter safely back to Salt Lake City. Allen reluctantly agrees, little suspecting that a door to his past will be opened in a way he never expected.

Twenty-year-old Holland's unconventional upbringing in Alaska's mining camps hasn't given her many of the things most young women want... Friends, dating, even the education she's always yearned for. Her father's hidden gold has opened the future before her, but what happiness can it bring without the man who awakened her heart to love?

A tender story of a man who learns to believe in himself and in God, and a young woman who is determined to fulfill her lifelong dreams. Journey Home... romantic fiction at its best!

About the Author

Jennie Hansen

Jennie Hansen lived a nomadic life during her early years and can remember living in twenty-two different houses and attending eight schools. The two colleges where she earned degrees, Ricks and Westminster, made ten. She worked as a model, secretary, newspaper reporter and editor, legislative page, teacher, and librarian. Through it all, she kept writing. To date she has twenty-three published novels, numerous short stories, and many magazine and newspaper articles to her credit. She has written reviews of LDS fiction for Meridian Magazine since 2001.

She and her husband have five children, all of whom are married to wonderful people, and eleven grandchildren. Two days each week Jennie and her husband can be found serving at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, a fifteen-minute drive from their Utah home.

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