The Kingdom and the Crown 3-Volume Set

by Gerald N. Lund

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Fishers of Men: the first volume in the series, best-selling author Gerald N. Lund transports us to the days of Christ's mortal ministry and invites us to experience the emotions and events of those extraordinary times.

Reports of Jesus of Nazareth have reached the ears of David ben Joseph, a merchant in Capernaum, who has waited and watched for the Messiah ever since a special, starlit night thirty years ago. He and his family decide to see for themselves whether or not the rumors are true and journey to hear Jesus.

Though David is quick to accept Jesus as the Messiah, the rest of his family is more cautious. His wife, Deborah, and his son, Simeon, leaders in the rebellious Zealot movement, look for a Messiah that will crush the Romans with power and the sword, not one preaching a message of love and forgiveness.

Meanwhile, reports of Jesus have reached into the very heart of Jerusalem, and both the powerful Sadducee Mordechai ben Uzziel and the Pharisee Azariah are growing uneasy with the news. Though they hold opposing political views, both agree that something must be done to stop this man from Nazareth before he gets out of hand. However, in Mordechai's own household the influence of the carpenter from Nazareth begins to create conflict.

Come Unto Me: Volume 2 of the bestselling series The Kingdom and the Crown, Simeon of Capernaum wrestles with how to undo the damage wrought by his reluctant conversion to a man called Jesus of Nazareth. His determination to follow the teachings of the Master has cost the life of one friend and sent three others to a Roman prison to await execution. How can he stay true to the teachings of Jesus, which require that he love his enemies, and yet deliver the friends who face death because of him?

A similar dilemma faces Miriam of Jerusalem. Her father, along with the other leaders of the powerful Sanhedrin, are determined to stamp out the growing popularity of this itinerant preacher from Nazareth. But Miriam too has found Jesus to be far more than a mere man, and this poses a terrible choice for her — will she follow family or faith?

From the Galilee to Jerusalem to the great city of Rome, Come Unto Me continues the story of the people whose lives are forever changed by the teachings of a simple carpenter from Nazareth. Award-winning author Gerald N. Lund masterfully blends the biblical account of the greatest story ever told with unforgettable fictional characters in this dramatic epic.

Behold the Man: Volume 3 -The final volume of The Kingdom and the Crown series, , details the last week of Jesus' life — his triumphal entry into Jerusalem, the spiritually fulfilling Last Supper, and the crowning achievement of the atonement that begins in the Garden of Gethsemane and culminates in the Garden Tomb.

Jesus of Nazareth has been preaching in Judea for three years and has gathered many followers with his teachings and miracles. But he has also made enemies among the rulers in Jerusalem, who fear his power and his influence and who have conspired to put an end to him by whatever means possible.

Mordechai ben Uzziel's life couldn't be any worse. His daughter, Miriam, has vanished from Rome, spirited away by none other than his old nemesis &mdash Simeon ben David. Meanwhile, Mordechai's credibility with the Sanhedrin is jeopardized when the council learns that his own daughter has become a disciple of this so-called Messiah.

Simeon ben David's life couldn't be any better. After struggling to follow the Savior and to testify of his knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God, Simeon has found peace and joy in following the Master. More than that, he has found love; he and Miriam will be betrothed before the feast of Hanukkah.

The family of David ben Joseph continues to follow Jesus, though the Savior's teachings now carry an undercurrent of sorrow and unsettling prophecy. And despite increasing danger, Jesus' ministry draws him inexorably toward Jerusalem. Along the way, Jesus performs miracles of astounding power; healing a woman afflicted for almost two decades, restoring sight to a man born blind, and raising Lazarus after four days in the grave.

But not everyone is thrilled to hear Jesus declare, "I am the light of the world; I am the bread of life" during the Feast of the Tabernacles. As the end of Jesus' ministry — and his life — approaches, the lines are swiftly and solidly drawn between those who will stand for Jesus and those who will tear him down.

About the Author

Gerald N. Lund

Gerald N. Lund received his B.A. and M.S. degrees in sociology from Brigham Young University. He served for thirty-five years in the Church Educational System, and he served as a member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy from 2002 to 2008. He is a prolific and bestselling author of both fiction and nonfiction and is best known for his historical novels, including The Work and the Glory series, Fire of the Covenant, The Kingdom and the Crown series, and The Undaunted. He and his late wife, Lynn, are the parents of seven children.

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By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I absolutely LOVED this series! I learned so much about the New Testament with all of the historical research that Lund provides, especially at the end of each chapter. Thank you, Gerald Lund! I have recommended this series to many family members and friends, including friends of other faiths. Anyone I know who has read them completely agree that these are well written and worth your time!

Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Although this is a fictional work, I learned a great deal and was introduced to many events in the scriptures that I had overlooked as I had read them in the past. The scriptures and their meaning came alive for me and caused me to think and read with much more attention to detail and thoughtfulness concerning gospel teachings. Chapter notes help explain customs of the day and add historical reference. At the beginning of each chapter is a time line. For a fictional series, I thought it gave numerous insights that helped me want to read my scriptures more thoroughly and motivated me to search for that historical knowledge as well as understand the spiritual experiences of the day, which really are no differant than what many of us may experience today...providing we are "in tune". I also thought that, although the characters are fictional, they were realistic for the day. It was a great read that I keep as a staple for my library of inspirational readings.

Loved this series!
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I thoroughly enjoyed these books and know that they also brought me closer to knowing more and feeling more of what it would have been like at this time. I highly recommend them.

Very educational
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

I really enjoyed this series. Though the characters are fictional the backdrop and religious fervor is not. I found it very educational as to the customs, tensions, traditions, and symbolisms of the time. I feel I grew in my understanding of the New Testament, specifically the four gospels, immensely. Side note, if you enjoyed this series you will also like The Fire and Covenant by Gerald Lund.

Like being in Israel with Jesus
By , Submitted on 2015-02-25

Although fictional, the book lets you learn more about the actual events in the Gospels. It adds insight into Judaean customs as well as specific religious rituals. You feel as though you were there with Jesus, observing, taking it all in. It portrays events from the Gospels through the eyes of them that were there, not through ours, who have all the answers 2000 years later. The books are well written and easy to read. They are also impossible to forget. You get to know and love your Savior more by reading them.

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