The Kirtland Series: School of the Prophets Desk

by Hochstetler Furnishings - The Kirtland Series

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Kirtland series desk 2

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The School of the Prophets met in Kirtland through the winter and early spring of 1833, usually in a room above Newel K. Whitney’s store. School usually convened at sunrise and dismissed in late afternoon.

Instruction focused on scripture and doctrine, though some time was devoted to secular topics such as grammar. During the February 27, 1833, meeting, Joseph Smith received the revelation known as the Word of Wisdom (D&C 89), which thereafter was binding upon members of the school.

  • Wood Type: Black Cherry
  • Numbered medallion with signature inlay
  • Limited first edition of 250
  • Letterbox is not attached to desk


The Hochstetler Furniture line is custom made on demand. Paul Hochstetler custom builds each piece out of his workshop in Eastern Ohio. Due to this, shipping for each item can take between 8 - 12 weeks to arrive.


As members of the Amish faith, the Hochstetler family lived their lives without electricity, a refrigerator, or modern transportation in a small Amish community in Ohio. They grew vegetables in a garden, raised their own livestock, and stored canned food and milk in dry cellars. It was their way of life—a simple life reflective of a simpler time.

In 2012, Paul and Mary, along with two other families—Amish neighbors—joined the LDS Church. As both Paul and Mary attest, "The Book of Mormon and the message of the Restored Gospel have changed our lives, forever."

Since joining the Church, Paul and Mary have faithfully raised their family in the LDS faith. Even though Paul is no longer considered an Amish craftsman, his skills continue to earn him a reputation as an expert artisan.

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Weight60 lbs
Dimensions36.5''x 22''x 32.5''

About the Author

Hochstetler Furnishings - The Kirtland Series

Paul Hochstetler is a premier designer and builder of handmade furniture in the heart of the Amish community of Eastern Ohio. In 2012, Paul and his wife, Mary Hochstetler, joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints along with several of their children and two other Amish families. Even though Paul's business was dramatically affected by that decision, he continues to design and build in the modest furniture shop next to his home. Each piece is personally handcrafted in Paul's shop and reflects the beautiful joining of his Amish upbringing with the celebration of early Church history.

Paul and his family often travel to Kirtland, Ohio and feel a special bond with the early Kirtland saints, and a connection to their way of life. Paul and Mary hope to bring a small reminder of that special time in the Church into the homes of LDS families by creating The Kirtland Series, a special collection of furniture pieces crafted in the Shaker style that was prevalent in early 19th century Kirtland.

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