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I really really LOVED this book!!
By , Submitted on 2017-07-19

Super satisfying. I loved all the rain that took place in Washington. Love the story. I loved it when they rode on the motorcycle together! There are just so many areas of the book that were just so fun to read and just so enjoyable!! I loved the characters they were so lifelike!! Great read I promise!!

Good book
By , Submitted on 2015-12-07

I enjoyed reading this book. The author does a really good job of weighing a very heavy issue with some fun as well. My only concern with the book was that the problems seemed to solve themselves way too quickly at the end. The main character seemed like she would need more time to heal herself than what happened in the book (you know, if you're being realistic) but besides that I really enjoyed the book. Loved that it was set in Washington and on Camano Island, both place I am very familiar with.

Such a Sweet Love Story
By , Submitted on 2015-09-15

This is what we call in my family an LDS smut book. Why do we call them that you ask? Because it's funny. It's a love story with no smut. We LOVE them. It has religion in it, so if that is not your cup of diet dr pepper than this review is probably not for you.

Let's start with the cover. I just love the cover. It's screams sweet!

I needed this book. I had just finished reading a reallllly creepy book, so I had to turn to my trusty love story shelf. I needed a feel good story.

Georgie is a lost soul. She has been beaten down, not physically, but emotionally by her horrible ex-boyfriend who has the nerve to die in a car crash. Now she has feelings of guilt and shame over the whole thing. Georgie decided to go live with her aunts to help move on with her life. To figure out who she is, and to see if there is life beyond bad boyfriends, and horrible car accidents.

Jace...oh Jace. I love you...I mean, I loved to read about you ;). Who doesn't love a man who can cook? Jace also starts out a little broken. He had just been dumped by his girlfriend, who he thought was the one.

I love to read about broken people, and how they find their way back to life, and all the good things that can come from it.

Georgie starts working at the same restaurant as Jace, and a budding friendship starts. I love stories where friends turn into love. It's makes the story so much more realistic to me.

While Georgie works through her issues, she finds that she may have feelings for Jace. She doesn't quite know what to do with them. Jace, finds Georgie a breath of fresh air. He can be himself around her, and is realising that he wants to be with her all the time.

When Jace is pulled back to his family diner in Las Vegas, to help, he realizes the feelings he has for Georgie are more than just for a friend.

This is such a sweet story of healing, finding yourself, friendship, family and love. It's a just a feel good story. I couldn't put it down. I was invested in their relationship even before the two of them were.

If you are looking for a sweet, clean love story then this is a great place to start. The writing is beautiful. The setting is even more beautiful. The characters are flawed and fabulous. It was just an all around good story.

Excellent, real, romance by Krista Lynne Jensen
By , Submitted on 2015-06-18

4.5 stars

I've read a few other books by Krista Lynne Jensen, and while they were enjoyable, Kisses in the Rain is definitely her best book so far. I loved it and am looking forward to reading it again.

The author wrote such great characters, both main and supporting. Everyone played such an important role in building the story and helping Georgie and Jace heal and grow.

The story was very enjoyable. It was much deeper than your standard romance novel. The relationship built from the ground up with an initial rockiness that made it that much more real.

The setting was so well described that I almost felt like I was there. And the creation of the food for the new menu was fascinating.

I highly recommend this book.

Amazingly good!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-17

To put it simply, I loved this one. Kisses in the Rain drew me in from the first page and never let go. Both main characters, Jace and Georgie, were very sympathetic as they both had some tough challenges to face. Jace has just been dumped by his girlfriend who was just using him to get her old boyfriend back. Understandably he feels betrayed and as a result makes a bad first impression on Georgie who starts working at Peter & Andrew's restaurant with him. Georgie is also struggling with major heartbreak having been in a serious car accident in which her fiance died. But it's more than that as she struggles to remember what happened and to find herself after her fiance's extremely controlling behavior.

All the food details were fun. Even though I don't enjoy cooking myself I do enjoy reading about it, or maybe it's just the yummy sounding food. In any case, I found it enjoyable to read about the glimpse of what it's like behind the scenes in a restaurant. It was interesting the way Jace and Georgie came together over food. I think what struck me the most about this book was how real it felt, the way the relationship developed with plenty of ups and downs. This is definitely going on my favorites shelf with the other clean contemporary romances that I love. I normally prefer historical romances so that tells me just how good this one is.

Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-17

Georgie has moved to Camano Island, near Seattle, to live with her aunts while she is recovering from an automobile accident. She's broken and keeps to herself at first. All we know for a while is that she had a finance (Ian) that was controlling and she broke off her engagement to him. He died in the accident and she feels guilty for what happened, even though she doesn't remember details from that night.

Jace's girlfriend recently got engaged to another man while they were dating so he was in a bit of a mood when they first met. Georgie started working in his restaurant and, being somewhat terrified of men, she avoided him at first. He's a sous chef that enlisted Georgie's help on an assignment he was given so they started cooking together.

I loved their interactions with each other and how their relationship slowly grew. Their shopping trips were incredible and their recipes sounded amazing. Some of the cooking scenes were intense and their chemistry was definitely sizzling. They were both afraid of taking the next step, though, since they each had reasons not to trust the opposite sex.

I liked how Georgie was able to work with a therapist to get through the guilt she felt about the accident and how she was able to cope with Ian's death in the end. Something happened that threatened to undo those feelings and take her back to square one and it was interesting to see how she dealt with that as well.

Jace and Georgie had some challenges to overcome from external forces and I was hoping they would be able to figure it all out in the end. I loved their story and had a hard time putting it down! There are some mild religious references in this book (mostly church attendance). It's a clean romance that anyone will enjoy!

Loved this cute, clean romance!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-17

I really felt as though I was in the rainy Washington weather along with Georgie as I read, I love it when the setting seems to come so alive, the way it did with this book!

I loved Georgie, she really is a well-developed character. I loved the way she's lost her memory, and is a bit befuddled at first, that brought out a whole new dimension to her character. I also really liked Jace, you could tell just how hurt he was by his girlfriend at the beginning and that hurt spilled over into every aspect of his life, including his job at the restaurant. That was unfortunate for Georgie, because she had just escaped a relationship with a young man who was controlling and she looks for that in every man that is near her. It made her terrified of Jace at first.

I loved the other characters too, especially Georgie's aunts. I loved Faye and Tru, it was really fun to see that Tru was still developing even at the end of this book. I loved that Georgie was able to help them almost as much as they helped Georgie, it was a reminder to me that we are all here to help one another and sometimes we do that without even knowing that we are.

I really enjoyed the plot of this one, I loved that as Georgie's memory of what happened returns, you feel her get more and more put together. And the love story of this one is just swoon-worth. It's so great. I didn't want to put it down for anything!

Kisses in the Rain
By , Submitted on 2015-06-17

I love a good book that really plays on my emotions. It's sometimes a fine line though. Sometimes bad things happen to good people and the results are either depressing or sad, yet hopeful. This story was definitely in the latter category. Georgie has gone through some really tough things and the hardest thing is, she doesn't remember everything that resulted in a horrible accident. She has a few flashbacks throughout the book and really struggles with trusting and loving again. I never felt like it was a downer; instead, I was inspired by her journey.

Jace has had a rough time lately and doesn't want to let anyone get too close again. I was amazed at how patient and real he is, even when he has every reason not to be. I couldn't help but like him and his matter-of-fact ways.

I love food and a good chunk of this story revolved around food, since the main characters both work at a restaurant. They're on a quest to come up with new items for the menu and I devoured the sections talking about their ideas and their tests. Okay, so I didn't really eat the pages of my book, but I found myself very engrossed in those sections. I wish recipes were included because my mouth watered more than once.

The bottom line is, the recipes were twofold: two great people, a fantastic setting, journeys and trials to overcome, and great romantic moments made this one a winner for me. Add to that the descriptions of literal food and recipes and I fell in love with this one!

Content: no language; mild violence (emotional, accidents, a moment of peril); mild religious elements (the characters are LDS, but nothing is preachy); mild romance (kissing). Clean!

*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review*

Another solid book from Krista. Loved it!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-16

WOW! This book is beautifully written. Each page is a treasure. Many of the characters have issues they are dealing with, and the way Krista has written each character is perfect. Georgie is recovering from an accident that took her memory, and claimed the life of her fiance. Jace is also recovering from heartbreak of his own. I loved the gradual improvement of them both and how they realize what they need. The aunts were a favorite and Uncle Dar as well. In Kisses in the Rain, there is heartache and pain, but also triumph and happiness. I have read some of the other reviews of this book, and each say close to the same thing, the story is so real. It's funny, because that is the exact word I would use. I loved the restaurant scenes. It was where Jace and Georgie were in their elements, but I also loved it when they were getting to know each other away from work. I also loved the setting. This book takes place in a beautiful area, which is a character all its own.

5 out of 5 stars. I have read most of Krista's books, and I really think this is my favorite so far. Very well done.

Received a paperback copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

So Enjoyable
By , Submitted on 2015-06-16

Super cute cover, right? I love it.

This book has a weightier feel to it as most of the book Georgie is struggling to connect the pieces from an accident that haunts her. She cannot remember exactly what happened leading up to the accident but she remembers enough to know that it wasn't good. Georgie is haunted by all sorts of what-if's and guilt over poor choices she feels she made. She doubts her judgement, her abilities and herself. While the physical effects of the accident are fading, the mental and emotional ones remain.

Jace is also a bit haunted. He's had a couple rough breaks but all in all he is paving a way for himself and reaching for his dreams. Jace has quite a task ahead of him trying to win Georgie over. Trust just doesn't come easy for either of them.

I enjoyed the growing friendship between Jace and Georgie. They were both fantastic characters who I cared about and liked. The supporting cast was great as well. I loved the setting and the way things revolved around the restaurant and food - yummy sounding food like the chocolate cake Jace makes. It had my mouth watering.

All in all this one was really good. It is squeaky clean. This is an LDS fiction book so there are some religious themes of forgiveness and seeking God's help.

By , Submitted on 2015-06-15

I love how real this story is!

Two people feeling broken from their past--coming together to work on a common goal--And while in each other's company they relax and find a peace and a happiness and a completeness...

But yet the past still haunts them and they still have much to work on--yet isn't that how life is?

This story was written with a passion that expresses the plot beautifully.

A roller-coaster of feelings and awkward moments and saying the wrong thing and hurtful moments and trying to live up to someone else's expectations and finding strength of oneself and finding love with someone else.

I LOVED each page!
I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Emotional and humorous, loved the characters and setting!
By , Submitted on 2015-06-14

I love that this book made me feel the emotions of the characters! Not only Georgie and Jace, but even the minor characters were portrayed in such a skillful way that it was so easy to put myself in their shoes. The setting is evocative with the weather, locations, and travel giving the scenes a definite vibe. I especially enjoyed the fast pace and intensity of the interactions in the restaurant kitchen. It provides a contrast to the slower scenes and creates a nice flow throughout the story. The friendship and subsequent chemistry between Georgie and Jace builds slowly but steadily as they move past first impressions and bring light into each others' worlds.

I was drawn to Georgie's struggles with overcoming depression, sifting through painful memories, finding her true self again, and trusting new friends and people in her life. Her quirky-clever sense of humor, often self-deprecating, balances the heaviness of her introspection and also creates fun banter with Jace since he never knows what she is going to say :) Oh yeah, and I had to wipe away some tears at one point... and that afterglow feeling after finishing the book was wonderful!

The characters in this book are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. There are some brief references specific to Mormons, but the overall themes are universal to all Christians and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romance.

(Thank you to Covenant Communications for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review)