Know Before You Go: Preparing for a Great Mission

by Chris Deaver


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What if you could write your success as a missionary today and then set about making it a reality? You can, and Know Before You Go will show you how to prepare to fully capture the challenge,

excitement, and joy of missionary service. Using the analogy of making a movie of your future missionary experiences, you'll learn to be the 'screenwriter' and 'director.' The Lord will be the 'producer' and provide all the resources you'll need. He's thought of every detail--now it's up to you to realize a powerful mission story.

In an MTC Devotional, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland invited future missionaries to 'Plan now for the stories your children will ask you to tell.' Know Before You Go will help you get into a powerful, spirit-driven, missionary mindset.

Published: March 2004

Pages: 128

Audio Length: 2 hours

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Chris Deaver

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An amazing read! Powerful for anyone who wants to achieve their full potential
By , Submitted on 2015-08-23

This is an amazing read! Such a great way to prepare for a mission or life for anyone who wants to achieve their full potential. Loaded with insights from the scriptures and powerful concepts to be different and become a powerful missionary. Couldn't recommend it more highly!

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